Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Fraudulent and Voluntary Conveyances; Writings Necessary to Be Recorded
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§ 55.1-400
Void fraudulent acts; bona fide purchasers not affected
§ 55.1-401
Voluntary gifts, conveyances, assignments, transfers, or charges; void as to prior creditors
§ 55.1-402
Creditor's action to avoid such gifts, conveyances, assignments, transfers, or charges
§ 55.1-403
Creditor's action; attorney fees
§ 55.1-404
Authority of court to set aside
§ 55.1-405
Loans and reservations of a use or property to be recorded
§ 55.1-406
Certain recorded contracts as valid as deeds
§ 55.1-407
Contracts, etc., void as to creditors and purchasers until recorded; priority of credit line deed of trust
§ 55.1-408
Where to be recorded
§ 55.1-409
Recordation of instruments affecting civil aircraft of United States
§ 55.1-410
Priority of writings when admitted to record same day
§ 55.1-411
When writings to be recorded in county, and when in city
§ 55.1-412
Words "creditors" and "purchasers," how construed
§ 55.1-413
Lien of subsequent purchaser for purchase money paid before notice
§ 55.1-414
When purchaser not affected by record of deed or contract