Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Form and Effect of Deeds and Covenants; Liens
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  • Article 2.
    Form and Effect of Deeds of Trust; Sales Thereunder; Assignments; Releases
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  • § 55.1-316
    Form of deed of trust to secure debts, etc.
    § 55.1-317
    Requirements for trustees
    § 55.1-318
    Credit line deed of trust defined; relative priority of credit line deed of trust and other instruments of judgment
    § 55.1-318.1
    Effect of amendment to loan document on deed of trust
    § 55.1-319
    Priority of residential refinance mortgage over subordinate mortgage
    § 55.1-320
    How deed of trust construed; duties, rights, etc., of parties
    § 55.1-321
    Notices required before sale by trustee to owners, lienors, etc.; if note lost
    § 55.1-322
    Advertisement required before sale by trustee
    § 55.1-323
    Contents of advertisements of sale
    § 55.1-324
    Powers and duties of trustee in event of sale under or satisfaction of deed of trust
    § 55.1-325
    Meaning of phrases that may be included in deed of trust
    § 55.1-326
    Evidences of indebtedness placed on equal footing
    § 55.1-327
    Sales under deeds of trust that contain no maturity date or provision authorizing sale
    § 55.1-328
    Validation of conveyances of real property under trust instrument not authorizing sale
    § 55.1-329
    Permissible form for notice of sale under deed of trust
    § 55.1-330
    Construction of deeds requiring notice by advertisement in newspaper
    § 55.1-331
    Disposition of surplus from trustee's sale after death of grantor
    § 55.1-332
    Title to real estate sold not affected by nonlisting of secured notes for taxation
    § 55.1-333
    Validation of certain sales made under deeds of trust
    § 55.1-334
    Validation of certain sales made under deeds of trust prior to October 1, 1977
    § 55.1-335
    Validation of other sales under deeds of trust
    § 55.1-336
    Protection of assignees or transferees of debts secured by real estate; form of certificate of transfer
    § 55.1-337
    Required notice of foreclosure or repossession of manufactured home
    § 55.1-338
    Release to person dead inures to successors
    § 55.1-339
    Release of deed of trust or other lien
    § 55.1-340
    Release by financial institution upon payment of debt placed with it for collection
    § 55.1-341
    Partial satisfaction
    § 55.1-342
    Permissible form for certificate of satisfaction or certificate of partial satisfaction
    § 55.1-343
    Where certificates of satisfaction are to be indexed
    § 55.1-344
    Releases made by court; costs and attorney fees
    § 55.1-345
    Recordation of certificate of satisfaction, etc., required when release of lien recorded
  • Article 3.
    Satisfaction of Security Interest in Real Property
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  • § 55.1-346
    § 55.1-347
    § 55.1-348
    Document of rescission; effect; liability for wrongful recording
    § 55.1-349
    Secured creditor to submit satisfaction for recording; liability for failure
    § 55.1-350
    Form and effect of satisfaction
    § 55.1-351
    Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
    § 55.1-352
    Uniform standards
  • Article 4.
    Effect of Certain Expressions in Deeds
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  • § 55.1-353
    Effect of word "covenants."
    § 55.1-354
    Effect of covenant of general warranty
    § 55.1-355
    Covenant of special warranty
    § 55.1-356
    Words "with general warranty," "with special warranty," and "with English covenants of title" construed
    § 55.1-357
    Implied warranties on new homes
    § 55.1-358
    Effect of certain transfer fee covenants
    § 55.1-359
    Covenant of "right to convey."
    § 55.1-360
    Covenant for "quiet possession" and "free from all encumbrances."
    § 55.1-361
    Covenant for "further assurances."
    § 55.1-362
    Covenant of "no act to encumber."
    § 55.1-363
    Effect of certain words of release in a deed