Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
State Operation of Public Utilities
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§ 56-509
Uninterrupted functioning and operation of essential public utilities
§ 56-510
Duty of Governor when there is threat of curtailment, interruption, etc., of operation
§ 56-511
Power of Governor to possess and operate utility
§ 56-512
Employment of utility employees by Commonwealth; information to be furnished
§ 56-513
Replacement of utility employees unwilling to work for Commonwealth
§ 56-514
Status as employee of utility unaffected by acceptance or refusal of employment by Commonwealth
§ 56-515
Entry upon property of utility after proclamation of intention to take possession
§ 56-516
When possession of utility to be delivered; procedure upon refusal of possession
§ 56-517
Interference with or obstruction of Governor, state representative or agent
§ 56-518
Expense of operation, etc.; payment of revenues, etc., into state treasury
§ 56-519
Previously established salaries, wages, conditions of employment, etc., to be observed; collective bargaining
§ 56-520
Collection and disposition of revenues accruing from utility
§ 56-521
Restoring possession to utility
§ 56-522
Compensation to utility
§ 56-523
§ 56-524
§ 56-525
Injunction against violation of chapter
§ 56-526
Duty of Commonwealth's attorneys and Attorney General; employment of special counsel
§ 56-527
Chapter not applicable to certain carriers
§ 56-528
Governor's powers as commander in chief not impaired