Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Department of Taxation
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§ 58.1-200
Tax Commissioner
§ 58.1-201
Oath and bond
§ 58.1-202
General powers and duties of Tax Commissioner
§ 58.1-202.1
Payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer
§ 58.1-202.2
Public-private partnerships; Public Private Partnership Oversight Committee
§ 58.1-202.3
Fillable tax forms
§ 58.1-203
Regulations and rulings
§ 58.1-204
Publication of rulings, decisions, orders and regulations
§ 58.1-205
Effect of regulations, rulings, etc., and administrative interpretations
§ 58.1-206
Continuing education program for assessing officers and boards of equalization
§ 58.1-207
Collection and publication of property tax data
§ 58.1-208
Classifications of real property
§ 58.1-209
Disclosure of social security account numbers
§ 58.1-210
Publication showing rates of local levies
§ 58.1-210.1
Publication of local transient occupancy taxes
§ 58.1-211
Department to advise Comptroller of amounts to be charged state collecting officers
§ 58.1-212
Office of Tax Commissioner; sessions and investigations elsewhere
§ 58.1-213
Assistants and clerks
§ 58.1-214
Promulgation and distribution of tax forms
§ 58.1-215
Charge for sale of publications
§ 58.1-216
Writs, notices, processes, and orders
§ 58.1-217
Form of writs, processes and orders; how served
§ 58.1-218
Fees and mileage of witnesses
§ 58.1-219
Examination of books and records of taxpayers
§ 58.1-220
Waiver of time limitation on assessment of omitted or additional state taxes