Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Certain Lending Practices
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  • Article 1.
    Late Charges and Rebates of Unearned Interest
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  • § 6.2-400
    Amount of late charge; when charge can be made
    § 6.2-401
    Acceleration clause in note evidencing installment loan; effect of acceleration
    § 6.2-402
    Notice of use of Rule of 78 rebate method
    § 6.2-403
    The Rule of 78
    § 6.2-404
    When use of Rule of 78 prohibited or permitted
    § 6.2-405
    References to sections regulating rebates of unearned interest and prepayment penalties
  • Article 2.
    Loans Secured by Lien on Real Estate
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  • § 6.2-406
    Disclosure of terms of mortgage application
    § 6.2-407
    Lenders to furnish borrower with copy of appraisal
    § 6.2-408
    Priority of interest on debts secured by mortgage or deed of trust
    § 6.2-409
    Addition of unpaid interest to principal balance
    § 6.2-410
    Borrowers not to be required to employ particular professionals
    § 6.2-411
    Requirements relating to insurance
    § 6.2-412
    Insurance coverage under certain loans not to exceed replacement value of improvements
    § 6.2-413
    Obligation of lender to reimburse unused mortgage guaranty insurance premiums
    § 6.2-414
    Obligation of person maintaining escrow account to pay taxes and insurance; penalties
    § 6.2-415
    Lender not to cancel insurance policy at time of refinancing under certain circumstances
    § 6.2-416
    Certain mortgages not to prohibit further encumbrance of real property
    § 6.2-417
    Mortgage or deed of trust to contain notice that debt is subject to call or modification on conveyance of property
    § 6.2-418
    Property owner entitled to written statement of payoff amount
    § 6.2-419
    Disclosure of terms of assumption
    § 6.2-420
    Prepayment penalty not to be collected in certain circumstances
    § 6.2-421
    Certain contracts to permit prepayment; amount of prepayment penalty
    § 6.2-422
    Prepayment penalty for loan secured by home occupied by borrower
    § 6.2-423
    Prepayment of loans secured by certain subordinate mortgages or deeds of trust; rebates for unearned interest
  • Article 3.
    Credit Cards
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  • § 6.2-424
    § 6.2-425
    Cardholder not liable in absence of request for, consent to issuance of, or use of card
    § 6.2-426
    When request, consent, or use not condition precedent to liability
    § 6.2-427
    Costs and attorney fee in suit on card; evidence of request or consent
    § 6.2-428
    Production of credit card number as condition of check cashing or acceptance prohibited
    § 6.2-429
    Improper use of payment device numbers
    § 6.2-430
    Place where transaction occurred; federal Fair Credit Billing Act
    § 6.2-431
    Certain cards excepted
    § 6.2-432
    Credit card account disclosures
  • Article 4.
    Open-End Credit Plans
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  • § 6.2-433
    Amendment to open-end credit contract or plan by bank or savings institution
    § 6.2-434
    Law governing open-end credit contract or plan by bank or savings institution
    § 6.2-435
    Law governing open-end credit contract or plan by seller or lender
  • Article 5.
    Additional Provisions Applicable to Consumer Credit
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  • § 6.2-436
    Compliance with federal law
    § 6.2-437
    Right of buyer of consumer goods to refinance certain payments; agreements as to fluctuation in schedule of payments