Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Deposits and Accounts
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  • Article 2.
    Multiple-Party Accounts
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  • § 6.2-604
    § 6.2-605
    § 6.2-606
    Ownership during lifetime; garnishment, attachment, or levy
    § 6.2-607
    Effect of divorce
    § 6.2-608
    Right of survivorship
    § 6.2-609
    Change of form of account upon written order to financial institution
    § 6.2-610
    Transfers arising from right of survivorship nontestamentary
    § 6.2-611
    Liability of surviving party for debts and other liabilities of decedent's estate
    § 6.2-612
    Financial institution duties; multiple-party accounts; multiple-fiduciary accounts
    § 6.2-613
    Payment of sums in joint account
    § 6.2-614
    Payment of P.O.D. account
    § 6.2-615
    Payment of trust account
    § 6.2-615.1
    Payment of multiple-fiduciary account
    § 6.2-616
    Discharge of financial institution upon payment
    § 6.2-617
    Setoff by financial institution against account
    § 6.2-618
    Identification of joint accounts
    § 6.2-619
    Certain duties of parties to joint accounts in financial institutions
    § 6.2-620
    Application of article to accounts existing on July 1, 1980