Code of Virginia

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Chapter 7.
Acquisitions of Interests in Financial Institutions
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§ 6.2-700
§ 6.2-701
Presumptions regarding control of entities, ownership of shares, and activities of subsidiaries or other entities
§ 6.2-702
Registration; authority to transact business
§ 6.2-703
Acquisition of interest in entity other than financial institution by financial institutions
§ 6.2-704
Acquisition of interests in financial institutions and financial institution holding companies; application; notice; Commission approval required
§ 6.2-705
Investigation of application
§ 6.2-706
Cooperative agreements with other regulatory authorities
§ 6.2-707
Reports and examinations
§ 6.2-708
Unsafe or unsound practices; cease and desist orders
§ 6.2-709
Conformity with federal forms
§ 6.2-710
Regulations excluding financial institution holding companies from this chapter
§ 6.2-711
Civil penalties; injunction
§ 6.2-712
A savings institution holding company seeking to acquire a bank or bank holding company deemed a bank holding company
§ 6.2-713
Applicable laws and regulations
§ 6.2-714
Examinations of out-of-state bank holding companies and subsidiaries; reports; joint actions
§ 6.2-715
Notice of intent to acquire out-of-state bank