Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 63.2. Welfare (Social Services)

Chapter 9. Foster CareRead Chapter

§ 63.2-900
Accepting children for placement in homes, facilities, etc., by local boards
§ 63.2-900.1
Kinship foster care
§ 63.2-900.2
Placement of sibling groups; visitation
§ 63.2-900.3
School placement of children in foster care
§ 63.2-901
Supervision of placement of children in homes
§ 63.2-901.1
Criminal history and central registry check for placements of children
§ 63.2-902
Agreements with persons taking children; dispute resolution; appeals
§ 63.2-903
Entrustment agreements; adoption
§ 63.2-904
Investigation, visitation, and supervision of foster homes or independent living arrangement; removal of child
§ 63.2-904.1
Intervention by Commissioner; corrective action plans; assumption of temporary control
§ 63.2-904.2
Complaint system
§ 63.2-905
Foster care services
§ 63.2-905.1
Independent living services
§ 63.2-905.2
Security freezes and annual credit checks for children in foster care
§ 63.2-905.3
Documents provided to foster care youth
§ 63.2-905.4
Individuals in foster care on eighteenth birthday; enrollment in Commonwealth's program of medical assistance
§ 63.2-905.5
Survey of children aging out of foster care
§ 63.2-906
Foster care plans; permissible plan goals; court review of foster children
§ 63.2-906.1
Qualified residential treatment programs
§ 63.2-907
Administrative review of children in foster care
§ 63.2-908
Permanent foster care placement
§ 63.2-909
Child support for child placed in foster care by court
§ 63.2-910
Child support for child placed in foster care where legal custody remains with parent or guardian
§ 63.2-910.1
Acceptance of children by local departments of social services
§ 63.2-910.2
Petition to terminate parental rights
§ 63.2-911
Liability insurance for foster parents
§ 63.2-912
Visitation of child placed in foster care
§ 63.2-913
Establishment of minimum training requirements
§ 63.2-913.1
Caseload standard
§ 63.2-914
Not in effect
§ 63.2-915
Appeals to Commissioner
§ 63.2-916
Notice of developmental disabilities