Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.
Fiduciaries Generally
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  • Article 1.
    Appointment, Qualification, Resignation, and Removal of Fiduciaries
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  • § 64.2-1400
    Authority to qualify trustee; necessity for security; notice of qualification; qualification by less than all of trustees named
    § 64.2-1401
    Jurisdiction for qualification of testamentary trustee; qualification and bond; when surety not required
    § 64.2-1402
    Jurisdiction for qualification of certain testamentary trustees and trustees generally
    § 64.2-1403
    Qualification of trustees
    § 64.2-1404
    New fiduciary appointed when authority of former revoked
    § 64.2-1405
    Court may appoint trustee in place of one named in will, deed, or other writing; management by corporate trustee outside of the Commonwealth
    § 64.2-1406
    Notice required; certain substitutions validated
    § 64.2-1407
    Who to execute the trust until new trustee appointed
    § 64.2-1408
    Circuit court may exercise same powers in suit to enforce or administer trust
    § 64.2-1409
    Information to be provided to clerk by fiduciary
    § 64.2-1410
    When court may require new bond or revoke authority; giving new bond upon motion of fiduciary, surety, or other party in interest
    § 64.2-1411
    When fiduciary may qualify without security; requirements for issuance of certificates of qualification; payments
    § 64.2-1412
    How trustee required to give bond; when to be removed and another appointed
    § 64.2-1413
    Placing certain trust assets in designated financial institutions; waiver or reduction of bond of fiduciary
    § 64.2-1414
    Effect of orders of qualification of bank as committee or guardian
    § 64.2-1415
    Liability for losses by negligence or failure to make defense
    § 64.2-1416
    Liability of fiduciary for actions of cofiduciary
    § 64.2-1417
    How judgment may be entered against personal representative, conservator, or committee
    § 64.2-1418
    Court order for payments due from fiduciaries; effect
    § 64.2-1419
    Execution of fiduciary bond or appointment of agent designates clerk as attorney for service of process
    § 64.2-1420
    Clerk to mail notice, process, or rule to person served
    § 64.2-1421
    What judgment or decree based upon service upon clerk shall specifically adjudicate
    § 64.2-1422
    Environmental liability of fiduciaries
    § 64.2-1423
    Trustee not disqualified due to status as stockholder, employee, or officer of corporate noteholder; sale of property by trustee not voidable
    § 64.2-1424
    Resignation by fiduciary of his trust
    § 64.2-1425
    How securities transferred to successor
  • Article 2.
    Nonresident Trustees
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  • § 64.2-1426
    Nonresident fiduciaries
    § 64.2-1427
    How property of nonresident infant or incapacitated person transferred to foreign guardian, conservator, or committee
    § 64.2-1428
    Transfer of proceeds of sale of real estate of nonresident beneficiary to foreign fiduciary
    § 64.2-1429
    Notice and bond required prior to transfer
    § 64.2-1430
    When bond may be dispensed with
    § 64.2-1431
    Sale of property and payment of proceeds to nonresident trustee
    § 64.2-1432
    Discharge from liability of resident guardian, committee, conservator, or trustee