Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Notice of Accident; Filing Claims; Medical Attention and Examination
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§ 65.2-600
Notice of accident
§ 65.2-601
Time for filing claim
§ 65.2-601.1
Effect of filing claim; stay of debt collection activities by health care providers
§ 65.2-601.2
Notice to employee of employer's intent
§ 65.2-601.3
Notice of right to dispute claim
§ 65.2-602
Tolling of statute of limitations
§ 65.2-603
Duty to furnish medical attention, etc., and vocational rehabilitation; effect of refusal of employee to accept
§ 65.2-603.1
Use of therapeutically equivalent drug products required
§ 65.2-604
Furnishing copy of medical report
§ 65.2-605
Liability of employer for medical services ordered by Commission; fee schedules for medical services; malpractice; assistants-at-surgery; coding
§ 65.2-605.1
Prompt payment; limitation on claims
§ 65.2-605.2
Biennial peer-reviewed studies
§ 65.2-606
Physicians for medical examination
§ 65.2-607
Medical examination; physician-patient privilege inapplicable; autopsy