Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
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  • Article 1.
    When Jury Trial May Be Had
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  • § 8.01-336
    Jury trial of right; waiver of jury trial; court-ordered jury trial; trial by jury of plea in equity; equitable claim
  • Article 2.
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  • § 8.01-337
    Who liable to serve as jurors
    § 8.01-338
    Who disqualified
    § 8.01-339
    No person eligible for whom request is made
    § 8.01-340
    No person to serve who has case at that term
    § 8.01-341
    Who are exempt from jury service
    § 8.01-341.1
    Exemptions from jury service upon request
    § 8.01-341.2
    Deferral or limitation of jury service for particular occupational inconvenience or for persons who have legal custody and are responsible for a child
    § 8.01-342
    Restrictions on amount of jury service permitted
  • Article 3.
    Selection of Jurors
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  • § 8.01-343
    Appointment of jury commissioners
    § 8.01-344
    Notification of jury commissioners; their oath
    § 8.01-345
    Lists of qualified persons to be prepared by jury commissioners; random selection process
    § 8.01-346
    Lists to be delivered to clerk and safely kept by him; addition and removal of names
    § 8.01-347
    How names put in jury box
    § 8.01-348
    How names of jurors drawn from box
    § 8.01-349
    Notations on ballots drawn; return to box; when such ballots may be drawn again
    § 8.01-350
    § 8.01-350.1
    Selection of jurors by mechanical or electronic techniques for the term of court
    § 8.01-351
    Preparation and disposition of list of jurors drawn
    § 8.01-352
    Objections to irregularities in jury lists or for legal disability; effect thereof
  • Article 4.
    Jury Service
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  • § 8.01-353
    Notice to jurors; making copy of jury panel available to counsel; objection to notice
    § 8.01-353.1
    Jurors to provide identification
    § 8.01-354
    "Writ of venire facias" defined
    § 8.01-355
    Jurors on list to be used for trial of cases during term; discharge or dispensing with attendance of jurors; drawing additional jurors
    § 8.01-356
    Failure of juror to appear
    § 8.01-357
    Selection of jury panel
    § 8.01-358
    Voir dire examination of persons called as jurors
    § 8.01-359
    Trial; numbers of jurors in civil cases; how jurors selected from panel
    § 8.01-360
    Additional jurors when trial likely to be protracted
    § 8.01-361
    New juror may be sworn in place of one disabled; when court may discharge jury
    § 8.01-362
    Special juries
    § 8.01-363
    When impartial jury cannot be obtained locally