Code of Virginia

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Chapter 4.
Limitations of Actions
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  • Article 1.
    In General
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  • § 8.01-228
    Scope of limitations; "personal action" defined
    § 8.01-229
    Suspension or tolling of statute of limitations; effect of disabilities; effect of death; injunction; prevention of service by defendant; dismissal, nonsuit or abatement; devise for payment of debts; new promises; debts proved in creditors' suits
    § 8.01-230
    Accrual of right of action
    § 8.01-231
    Commonwealth not within statute of limitations
    § 8.01-232
    Effect of promises not to plead statute of limitations
    § 8.01-233
    When action deemed brought on counterclaim or cross-claim; when statute of limitations tolled; defendant's consent required for dismissal
    § 8.01-234
    Repeal of limitation not to remove bar of statute
    § 8.01-235
    Bar of expiration of limitation period raised only as affirmative defense in responsive pleading
  • Article 2.
    Limitations on Recovery of Realty and Enforcement of Certain Liens Relating to Realty
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  • § 8.01-236
    Limitation of entry on or action for land
    § 8.01-237
    Effect of disabilities upon right of entry on, or action for, land
    § 8.01-238
    To repeal grant
    § 8.01-239
    Ground rents
    § 8.01-240
    Liens for water, sewer, or sidewalk assessments
    § 8.01-241
    Limitation of enforcement of deeds of trust, mortgages and liens for unpaid purchase money
    § 8.01-241.1
    Permissible form for certificate
    § 8.01-242
    Same; when no maturity date is given; credit line deeds of trust
  • Article 3.
    Personal Actions Generally
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  • § 8.01-243
    Personal action for injury to person or property generally; extension in actions for malpractice against health care provider
    § 8.01-243.1
    Actions for medical malpractice; minors
    § 8.01-243.2
    Limitations of actions by confined persons; exhaustion
    § 8.01-244
    Actions for wrongful death; limitation
    § 8.01-245
    Limitation on actions upon the bond of any fiduciaries or as to suits against fiduciaries themselves; accrual of cause of action where execution sustained
    § 8.01-246
    Personal actions based on contracts
    § 8.01-247
    When action on contract governed by the law of another state or country barred in Virginia
    § 8.01-247.1
    Limitation on action for defamation, etc.
    § 8.01-248
    Personal actions for which no other limitation is specified
    § 8.01-249
    When cause of action shall be deemed to accrue in certain personal actions
    § 8.01-250
    Limitation on certain actions for damages arising out of defective or unsafe condition of improvements to real property
    § 8.01-250.1
    Limitation on actions involving removal of asbestos
  • Article 5.
    Miscellaneous Limitations Provisions
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  • § 8.01-253
    Limitation of suits to avoid voluntary conveyances, etc.
    § 8.01-254
    Limitation on enforcement of bequests and legacies
    § 8.01-255
    Time for presenting claim against Commonwealth
    § 8.01-255.1
    Limitation of action for breach of condition subsequent or termination of determinable fee simple estate
    § 8.01-255.2
    Limitation on motion for new execution after loss of property sold under indemnity bond
    § 8.01-256
    As to rights and remedies existing when this chapter takes effect