Code of Virginia

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Part 3.
Enforcement of Instruments
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§ 8.3A-301
Person entitled to enforce instrument
§ 8.3A-302
Holder in due course
§ 8.3A-303
Value and consideration
§ 8.3A-304
Overdue instrument
§ 8.3A-305
Defenses and claims in recoupment
§ 8.3A-306
Claims to an instrument
§ 8.3A-307
Notice of breach of fiduciary duty
§ 8.3A-308
Proof of signatures and status as holder in due course
§ 8.3A-309
Enforcement of lost, destroyed, or stolen instrument
§ 8.3A-310
Effect of instrument on obligation for which taken
§ 8.3A-311
Accord and satisfaction by use of instrument
§ 8.3A-312
Lost, destroyed, or stolen cashier's check, teller's check, or certified check