Code of Virginia

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Part 4.
Liability of Parties
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§ 8.3A-401
§ 8.3A-402
Signature by representative
§ 8.3A-403
Unauthorized signature
§ 8.3A-404
Impostors; fictitious payees
§ 8.3A-405
Employer's responsibility for fraudulent endorsement by employee
§ 8.3A-406
Negligence contributing to forged signature or alteration of instrument
§ 8.3A-407
§ 8.3A-408
Drawee not liable on unaccepted draft
§ 8.3A-409
Acceptance of draft; certified check
§ 8.3A-410
Acceptance varying draft
§ 8.3A-411
Refusal to pay cashier's checks, teller's checks, and certified checks
§ 8.3A-412
Obligation of issuer of note or cashier's check
§ 8.3A-413
Obligation of acceptor
§ 8.3A-414
Obligation of drawer
§ 8.3A-415
Obligation of endorser
§ 8.3A-416
Transfer warranties
§ 8.3A-417
Presentment warranties
§ 8.3A-418
Payment or acceptance by mistake
§ 8.3A-419
Instruments signed for accommodation
§ 8.3A-420
Conversion of instrument