Code of Virginia

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Part 2.
Issue and Issuer
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§ 8.8A-201
§ 8.8A-202
Issuer's responsibility and defenses; notice of defect or defense
§ 8.8A-203
Staleness as notice of defect or defense
§ 8.8A-204
Effect of issuer's restriction on transfer
§ 8.8A-205
Effect of unauthorized signature on security certificate
§ 8.8A-206
Completion or alteration of security certificate
§ 8.8A-207
Rights and duties of issuer with respect to registered owners
§ 8.8A-208
Effect of signature of authenticating trustee, registrar or transfer agent
§ 8.8A-209
Issuer's lien
§ 8.8A-210