Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 8.9A. Commercial Code — Secured Transactions

Part 1.
Default and Enforcement of Security Interest
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§ 8.9A-601
Rights after default; judicial enforcement, consignor or buyer of accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, or promissory notes
§ 8.9A-602
Waiver and variance of rights and duties
§ 8.9A-603
Agreement on standards concerning rights and duties
§ 8.9A-604
Procedure if security agreement covers real property or fixtures
§ 8.9A-605
Unknown debtor or secondary obligor
§ 8.9A-606
Time of default for agricultural lien
§ 8.9A-607
Collection and enforcement by secured party
§ 8.9A-608
Application of proceeds of collection or enforcement; liability for deficiency and right to surplus
§ 8.9A-609
Secured party's right to take possession after default
§ 8.9A-610
Disposition of collateral after default
§ 8.9A-611
Notification before disposition of collateral
§ 8.9A-612
Timeliness of notification before disposition of collateral
§ 8.9A-613
Contents and form of notification before disposition of collateral; general
§ 8.9A-614
Contents and form of notification before disposition of collateral; consumer-goods transaction
§ 8.9A-615
Application of proceeds of disposition; liability for deficiency and right to surplus
§ 8.9A-616
Explanation of calculation of surplus or deficiency
§ 8.9A-617
Rights of transferee of collateral
§ 8.9A-618
Rights and duties of certain secondary obligors
§ 8.9A-619
Transfer of record or legal title
§ 8.9A-620
Acceptance of collateral in full or partial satisfaction of obligation; compulsory disposition of collateral
§ 8.9A-621
Notification of proposal to accept collateral
§ 8.9A-622
Effect of acceptance of collateral
§ 8.9A-623
Right to redeem collateral
§ 8.9A-624