Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 53.1. Prisons and Other Methods of Correction
Chapter 3. Local Correctional Facilities

Article 4. County and City Farms.

§ 53.1-96. County and city farms; persons who may be confined.

The governing body of any county or city may, within its respective jurisdiction or elsewhere, establish and maintain a farm where any person convicted and sentenced to confinement in the jail of such county or city, or sentenced to a state correctional institution, may be confined and required to do such work as may be assigned him during the term of his sentence. A local jail farm may be used to hold or confine any person who could be lawfully held or confined in a jail operated by the county or city.

The governing body or the farm board appointed to supervise and manage the farm may prescribe rules and regulations to govern the operation of the farm.

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§ 53.1-97. Appointment of superintendent and guards.

The governing body of the county or city establishing and maintaining a farm may appoint a superintendent of the farm and necessary guards therefor who shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

Code 1950, § 53-197; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-98. Authority of superintendent and guards.

The superintendent shall have and exercise the same control and authority over the prisoners committed or transferred to such farm as the sheriffs of the Commonwealth have by law over the prisoners committed or transferred to their jails.

During the term of their appointment the superintendent and guards are hereby invested with the powers and authority of a conservator of the peace (i) within the limits of such farm and within one mile thereof, whether such farm is situated within or beyond the limits of the political subdivision establishing and maintaining the same, and (ii) in conveying prisoners to and from such farm.

Code 1950, § 53-198; 1970, c. 648; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-99. Jurisdiction of offenses committed by prisoners.

Whenever any farm is situated beyond the limits of the city establishing and maintaining it, the courts of such city shall have concurrent criminal jurisdiction with the courts of the county or city in which such farm, or any part thereof, is situated of all offenses committed within the boundaries of the farm by persons confined thereto.

The courts of such city shall have concurrent criminal jurisdiction with the courts of the county or city in which any of these offenses are committed: (i) escape, (ii) larceny of or willful damage or destruction of property owned by the city establishing and maintaining the farm, and (iii) offenses against the person or property of any employee of such city, if such offenses are committed en route between the farm and any other point by any person confined at the farm who is being transported thereto for confinement or being transported therefrom following confinement.

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§ 53.1-100. Oath and bond of superintendent and guards.

Before entering upon the duties of their office, the superintendent and guards shall take and subscribe the oath prescribed by § 49-1. The governing body of the county or city maintaining a farm may require the superintendent or guards or both to give bond in such penalty and with such security as the governing body may prescribe, conditioned upon the faithful discharge of the duties of their offices.

Code 1950, § 53-199; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-101. Work by prisoners.

All prisoners convicted and sentenced or transferred to a farm shall be required to work on the farm, unless for good cause shown, the court sentencing and committing such prisoners shall order otherwise.

Code 1950, § 53-201; 1970, c. 648; 1079, c. 700; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-102. Sending prisoners to other farms.

Any county or city that has no farm may enter into an agreement with some county or city maintaining a farm to receive and work all persons liable to confinement on such terms and conditions as to the payment of board, medical expenses and clothing as may be mutually agreed upon by the two governing bodies.

Code 1950, § 53-202; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-103. Farm expenses.

All expenses of maintaining a farm and supporting the prisoners worked thereon, including board, clothing and medical attention, shall be borne by the county or city owning the farm, except as herein otherwise provided.

Code 1950, § 53-204; 1982, c. 636.

§ 53.1-104. Funds from which expenses of transportation of person committed shall be paid; limitation upon cost of maintenance.

The expenses of transporting a person committed to a county or city farm from the place of conviction to the farm and of his maintenance and support during his confinement shall be paid out of state funds provided pursuant to § 53.1-85, if the person is convicted and committed for a violation of a law of the Commonwealth, upon the order of the circuit court of the county or city operating the farm. If the person is convicted and committed for a violation of a city ordinance, such expenses shall be paid by the treasurer of the city wherein the person was convicted out of the funds of the city treasury, upon an order of the circuit court of the county or city operating the farm to the farm board of such county or city.

Code 1950, § 53-204.1; 1982, c. 636; 1983, c. 358.

§ 53.1-104.1. Superintendents of jail farms to make monthly reports to Director.

The superintendent of every jail farm shall report on the first day of each month to the Director, giving the record of each prisoner received during the preceding month on blank forms to be furnished by the Director, stating whether the offense of each prisoner is for violation of state law or of city or town ordinance. The report shall be signed by both the superintendent of the jail farm and the chief administrative officer of the county or city which administers the jail farm. Either signer found guilty of willfully falsifying the information contained in such report shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

If any superintendent fails to send such report within five days after the date when the report should be forwarded, the Director shall notify the superintendent of such failure. If the superintendent fails to make the report within ten days from that date, then the Director shall cause the report to be prepared from the books of the superintendent and shall certify the cost thereof to the Comptroller. The Comptroller shall issue his warrant on the Treasurer for that amount, deducting the same from any funds that may be due the superintendent by the Commonwealth.

1983, c. 358.