Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Local Correctional Facilities
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  • Article 1.
    Establishment and Regulation of Facilities
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  • § 53.1-68
    Minimum standards for local correctional facilities and lock-ups; health inspections, behavioral health services inspections, and personnel
    § 53.1-69
    Board may prohibit confinement and require transfer of prisoners in substandard facilities
    § 53.1-69.1
    Review of death of inmates in local correctional facilities
    § 53.1-69.2
    Administrative appeal of Board determinations
    § 53.1-70
    Jurisdiction of court to enforce orders of Board; proceedings
    § 53.1-70.1
    Transport of prisoners; authority
    § 53.1-71
    Courts to order jails erected and repaired
  • Article 1.1.
    Private Operation of Regional Jail Facilities
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  • § 53.1-71.1
    Private construction, operation, etc., of regional jail facility
    § 53.1-71.2
    Authority of security employees
    § 53.1-71.3
    Application of certain criminal laws to contractor-operated facilities
    § 53.1-71.4
    Powers and duties not delegable to contractor
    § 53.1-71.5
    Board to promulgate regulations
    § 53.1-71.6
    State reimbursement to localities
  • Article 2.
    Utilization of Jails
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  • § 53.1-72
    Jails of counties and cities to be jails of courts therein
    § 53.1-73
    When jail of county to be jail for town
    § 53.1-74
    When court may adopt jail of another county or city
    § 53.1-75
    Procedure after adoption
    § 53.1-76
    Commitment to jail of another county or city; payment of costs, etc.
    § 53.1-77
    Jurisdiction of judge or magistrate of adopting county or city authorized to issue temporary detention orders
    § 53.1-78
    Jail for Supreme Court
    § 53.1-79
    Jails for United States prisoners; payment by United States
    § 53.1-79.1
    Agreements to transfer, transport, and confine prisoners
  • Article 3.
    Funding Local Correctional Facilities and Programs
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  • § 53.1-80
    State reimbursement of localities for construction
    § 53.1-81
    Construction and operation of regional jail facilities; state reimbursement; agreements with Department
    § 53.1-82
    Regional contracts for cooperative jailing of offenders; state reimbursement
    § 53.1-82.1
    Approval of jail projects by the Board; plan for community corrections
    § 53.1-82.2
    Method of reimbursement; involvement of the Treasury Board
    § 53.1-82.3
    Budgeting schedule for jail projects
    § 53.1-83
    § 53.1-83.1
    How state appropriations for operating costs of local correctional facilities determined
    § 53.1-84
    State funds available to local correctional facilities for operating costs
    § 53.1-85
    Time and manner of payment
    § 53.1-86
    Limitation on use of state funds; records of receipts and disbursements
    § 53.1-87
    Cost of maintenance of jails; payment by localities of respective shares of costs; judicial resolution of disagreements
    § 53.1-88
    Governing body to examine statements, accounts and invoices and issue warrants
    § 53.1-89
    § 53.1-90
    Pay for United States prisoners
    § 53.1-91
    Pay for prisoners from other counties, cities or towns
    § 53.1-92
    Disposition of money collected from United States or other counties, cities or towns
    § 53.1-93
    When sheriffs to summon or employ guards and other persons; allowances therefor; fees charged to prisoner
    § 53.1-94
    Same when paid by county or city; same when by Compensation Board
    § 53.1-95
    Provisions applicable to jail farms of counties and cities
    § 53.1-95.1
    Limits on state expenditures
  • Article 4.
    County and City Farms
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  • § 53.1-96
    County and city farms; persons who may be confined
    § 53.1-97
    Appointment of superintendent and guards
    § 53.1-98
    Authority of superintendent and guards
    § 53.1-99
    Jurisdiction of offenses committed by prisoners
    § 53.1-100
    Oath and bond of superintendent and guards
    § 53.1-101
    Work by prisoners
    § 53.1-102
    Sending prisoners to other farms
    § 53.1-103
    Farm expenses
    § 53.1-104
    Funds from which expenses of transportation of person committed shall be paid; limitation upon cost of maintenance
    § 53.1-104.1
    Superintendents of jail farms to make monthly reports to Director
  • Article 5.
    Regional Jails and Jail Farms
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  • § 53.1-105
    County and city regional jail or jail farm; persons who may be confined; release and transfer of prisoners
    § 53.1-106
    Members of jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority; powers; payment of pro rata costs
    § 53.1-106.1
    Location of jail facilities
    § 53.1-107
    Organization of board; annual report
    § 53.1-108
    Expenses and allowance
    § 53.1-109
    Authority of jail superintendent and jail officers; fees charged to prisoner
    § 53.1-109.01
    Authority for regional jail officers to carry weapons
    § 53.1-109.1
    Handling of funds for regional jail or jail farm; county or city treasurer or director of finance as fiscal agent
    § 53.1-109.2
    Regional jail superintendents not to be interested in private corrections enterprises
    § 53.1-110
    Oath and bond of superintendent and jail officers
    § 53.1-111
    Work of prisoners
    § 53.1-112
    Jail or jail farm expenses
    § 53.1-113
    Transportation of prisoners to jail or jail farm
    § 53.1-114
    Reimbursement of costs
    § 53.1-115
    Payment of salaries of superintendents and medical and treatment personnel
    § 53.1-115.1
    Superintendents of regional jails and regional jail-farms to make daily reports to Compensation Board
    § 53.1-115.2
    Establishment of stores in regional jails and regional jail farms
  • Article 6.
    Duties of Sheriffs
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  • § 53.1-116
    What records and policy jailer shall keep; how time deducted or added for felons and misdemeanants; payment of fine and costs by person committed to jail until he pays
    § 53.1-116.1
    Jailer to give notice of release of certain prisoners
    § 53.1-116.1:01
    Jailer to give notice of intake of certain prisoners
    § 53.1-116.1:02
    Jailer-issued identification
    § 53.1-116.2
    Sheriffs to be keepers of jails
    § 53.1-116.3
    Improper release; capias, arrest and hearing
    § 53.1-117
    Violations of rules to be recorded in register
    § 53.1-118
    Courts to fine sheriffs for failure to perform duties
    § 53.1-119
    Court duties of sheriff
    § 53.1-120
    Sheriff to provide for courthouse and courtroom security; designation of deputies for such purpose; assessment
    § 53.1-121
    Sheriffs to make daily reports to Compensation Board; failure to send report
    § 53.1-122
    Daily records of sheriffs and jail superintendents
    § 53.1-123
    Other accounts, information and records as required by Department
    § 53.1-124
    Sheriffs and jail superintendents to report to the courts
    § 53.1-125
    Failure of sheriffs or jail superintendents to comply with requirements of board; filing of complaint; withholding salary
    § 53.1-126
    Responsibility of sheriffs and jail superintendents for food, clothing and medicine
    § 53.1-127
    Who may enter interior of local correctional facilities; searches of those entering
    § 53.1-127.1
    Establishment of stores in local correctional facilities
    § 53.1-127.2
    Fees for electronic visitation and messaging with prisoners in local correctional facilities
    § 53.1-127.3
    Deferred or installment payment agreement for unpaid fees
    § 53.1-127.4
    § 53.1-127.5
    Collection of fees owed; contract for collection; duties of Department of Taxation
  • Article 7.
    Prisoner Programs and Treatment
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  • § 53.1-128
    Workforces and authorized work places
    § 53.1-129
    Order permitting prisoners to work on state, county, city, town, certain private property or nonprofit organization property; bond of person in charge of prisoners
    § 53.1-130
    Sheriffs, jail superintendents, etc., not to be interested in property where work performed; penalty
    § 53.1-131
    Provision for release of prisoner from confinement for employment, educational or other rehabilitative programs; escape; penalty; disposition of earnings
    § 53.1-131.1
    Provision for sentencing of person to nonconsecutive days in jail; payment to defray costs; penalty
    § 53.1-131.2
    Assignment to a home/electronic incarceration program; payment to defray costs; escape; penalty
    § 53.1-131.3
    Payment of costs associated with prisoners' keep
    § 53.1-132
    Furloughs from local work release programs; penalty for violations
    § 53.1-133
    Treatment of prisoner with contagious disease
    § 53.1-133.01
    Medical treatment for prisoners
    § 53.1-133.01:1
    Payment for bodily injury
    § 53.1-133.02
    Notice to be given upon prisoner release, escape, etc.
    § 53.1-133.03
    Exchange of medical and mental health information and records
    § 53.1-133.04
    Medical and mental health treatment of prisoners incapable of giving consent
    § 53.1-133.05
    Place of hearing on medical or mental health treatment of prisoners incapable of giving consent; fees and expenses