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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 23. Taxation
Title 23. Taxation
Agency 10. Department of Taxation

Chapter 120.
Corporation Income Tax
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Section 10
Conformity of terms to IRC (Internal Revenue Code)
Section 20
Section 30
Section 40
Limitations on assessments
Section 50
Section 70
Imposition of tax
Section 80
Telecommunications companies; definitions
Section 81
Telecommunications companies; tax administration
Section 82
Telecommunications companies; imposition of tax
Section 83
Minimum tax on telecommunications companies
Section 84
Telecommunications companies; corporation income tax
Section 85
Section 86
Telecommunications companies; separate, combined or consolidated returns of affiliated corporations
Section 87
Section 88
Telecommunications companies; estimated taxes
Section 89
Noncorporate telecommunications companies
Section 89.1
Telecommunications companies; administrative appeals
Section 90
Exemptions and exclusions
Section 100
Virginia taxable income; definitions; exceptions
Section 101
Virginia taxable income; additions
Section 102
Virginia taxable income; subtractions
Section 103
Subtraction for income attributable to an investment in a Virginia venture capital account
Section 110
Additional modifications
Section 120
Business entirely within Virginia
Section 130
Allocation and apportionment
Section 140
How dividends allocated
Section 150
What income apportioned and how
Section 160
Property factor
Section 170
Valuation of property owned or rented
Section 180
Average value of property
Section 190
Payroll factor
Section 200
When compensation deemed paid in this Commonwealth
Section 210
Sales factor
Section 220
When sales of tangible personal property deemed in this Commonwealth
Section 230
When certain other sales deemed in this Commonwealth
Section 240
Motor carriers; apportionment
Section 250
Financial corporations; apportionment
Section 260
Construction corporation; apportionment
Section 265
Construction corporation; definitions
Section 270
Railway companies; apportionment
Section 280
Alternative method of allocation and apportionment
Section 290
Section 300
Section 310
Reports by corporations
Section 320
Consolidated and combined returns; general
Section 321
Separate return; description; filing
Section 322
Consolidated returns; description; eligible members; filing; consent
Section 323
Combined returns; description; eligible members; filing; consent
Section 324
Consolidated and combined returns; permission to change
Section 325
Consolidated and combined returns; carryovers
Section 326
Consolidated return; mixed apportionment factors
Section 327
Consolidated and combined returns; examples
Section 330
Prohibition of worldwide consolidation or combination
Section 340
Section 350
Consolidation of accounts
Section 360
Section 380
Execution of returns
Section 390
Supplemental reports
Section 400
Extension of time for filing returns
Section 410
Time of payment of corporation income taxes
Section 420
Declarations of estimated income tax required
Section 430
Time for filing declarations
Section 440
Installment payment of estimated tax
Section 450
Section 460
Failure to pay estimated tax
FORMS (23VAC10-120)

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