Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 4.1. Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Control
Chapter 2. Administration of Licenses

§ 4.1-203. Separate license for each place of business; transfer or amendment; posting; expiration; carriers.

A. Each license granted by the Board shall designate the place where the business of the licensee will be carried on. Except as otherwise provided in §§ 4.1-206.1, 4.1-206.2, and 4.1-206.3, a separate license shall be required for each separate place of business.

B. No license shall be transferable from one person to another, or from one location to another. The Board may permit a licensee to amend the classification of an existing license without complying with the posting and publishing procedures required by § 4.1-230 if the effect of the amendment is to reduce materially the privileges of an existing license. However, if (i) the Board determines that the amendment is a device to evade the provisions of this chapter, (ii) a majority of the corporate stock of a retail licensee is sold to a new entity, or (iii) there is a change of business at the premises of a retail licensee, the Board may, within 30 days of receipt of written notice by the licensee of a change in ownership or a change of business, require the licensee to comply with any or all of the requirements of § 4.1-230. If the Board fails to exercise its authority within the 30-day period, the licensee shall not be required to reapply for a license. The licensee shall submit such written notice to the Secretary of the Board.

C. Each license shall be posted in a location conspicuous to the public at the place where the licensee carries on the business for which the license is granted.

D. The privileges conferred by any license granted by the Board, except for temporary licenses, banquet and mixed beverage special events licenses, shall continue until the last day of the twelfth month next ensuing or the last day of the designated month and year of expiration, except the license may be sooner terminated for any cause for which the Board would be entitled to refuse to grant a license, by operation of law, voluntary surrender or order of the Board.

The Board may grant licenses for one year or for multiple years, not to exceed three years, based on the fees set forth in § 4.1-231.1. Qualification for a multiyear license shall be determined on the basis of criteria established by the Board. Fees for multiyear licenses shall not be refundable except as provided in § 4.1-232. The Board may provide a discount for two-year or three-year licenses, not to exceed five percent of the applicable license fee, which extends for one fiscal year and shall not be altered or rescinded during such period.

The Board may permit a licensee who fails to pay:

1. The required license tax covering the continuation or reissuance of his license by midnight of the fifteenth day of the twelfth month or of the designated month of expiration, whichever is applicable, to pay the tax in lieu of posting and publishing notice and reapplying, provided payment of the tax is made within 30 days following that date and is accompanied by a civil penalty of $25 or 10 percent of such tax, whichever is greater; and

2. The tax and civil penalty pursuant to subdivision 1 to pay the tax in lieu of posting and publishing notice and reapplying, provided payment of the tax is made within 45 days following the 30 days specified in subdivision 1 and is accompanied by a civil penalty of $100 or 25 percent of such tax, whichever is greater.

Such civil penalties collected by the Board shall be deposited in accordance with § 4.1-114.

E. Subsections A and C shall not apply to common carriers of passengers by train, boat, bus, or airplane.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.