Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Parks and Recreation
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  • Article 1.
    State Parks
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  • § 10.1-200
    Duties related to parks and outdoor recreation; additional powers
    § 10.1-200.1
    State park master planning
    § 10.1-200.01
    Lyme disease signage
    § 10.1-200.2
    Littering in state parks; civil penalty
    § 10.1-200.3
    Admittance and parking in state parks; prohibitions; civil penalty
    § 10.1-201
    Acquisition of lands of scenic beauty, recreational utility or historical interest
    § 10.1-202
    Gifts, funds, and fees designated for state parks; establishment of funds
    § 10.1-202.1
    Golden Passport established; free entry into state parks
    § 10.1-202.2
    Disabled Veteran's Passport established; free entry into state parks and discounted services
    § 10.1-203
    Establishment, protection and maintenance of Appalachian Trail
    § 10.1-204
    Statewide system of trails
    § 10.1-204.1
    (Expires January 1, 2027) State Trails Advisory Committee established; report
    § 10.1-205
    Management of False Cape State Park
  • Article 2.
    Outdoor Recreation
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  • § 10.1-206
    § 10.1-207
    Cooperation of other departments, etc.
    § 10.1-208
    Acquisition of property; making property available for agricultural and timbering uses, outdoor and recreational uses