Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Flood Protection and Dam Safety
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  • Article 3.
    Watershed Improvements Districts
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  • § 10.1-614
    Establishment within soil and water conservation district authorized
    § 10.1-615
    Petition for establishment; what to set forth
    § 10.1-616
    Notice and hearing on petition; determination of need for district and defining boundaries
    § 10.1-617
    Determination of whether operation of proposed district is feasible; referendum
    § 10.1-618
    Ballots used in such referendum
    § 10.1-619
    Consideration of results of referendum; simple majority vote required
    § 10.1-620
    Declaration of organization of district; certification to Board
    § 10.1-621
    Establishment of watershed improvement district situated in more than one soil and water conservation district
    § 10.1-622
    Inclusion of additional territory
    § 10.1-623
    Governing body of district; trustees
    § 10.1-624
    Officers, agents and employees; surety bonds; annual audit
    § 10.1-625
    Status and general powers of district; power to levy tax or service charge; approval of landowners required
    § 10.1-626
    Levy of tax or service charge; when district in two or more counties or cities; landbooks certified to treasurers
    § 10.1-627
    Collection of tax or service charge; proceeds kept in special account; expenditures from such account
    § 10.1-628
    Fiscal powers of governing body; may poll landowners on question of incurring indebtedness or issuing bonds
    § 10.1-629
    Order authorizing governing body to incur indebtedness or issue bonds
    § 10.1-630
    Type of indebtedness incurred or bonds issued
    § 10.1-631
    Annual tax for payment of interest or to amortize indebtedness or bonds
    § 10.1-632
    Powers granted additional to powers of soil and water conservation district; soil and water conservation district to continue to exercise its powers
    § 10.1-633
    Power to incur debts and accept gifts, etc.; watershed improvement district to have same powers as soil and water conservation district
    § 10.1-634
    Question to be submitted to qualified voters; approval required
    § 10.1-634.1
    Conduct of referenda
    § 10.1-635
    Power of eminent domain
  • Article 4.
    Conservation, Small Watersheds Flood Control and Area Development Fund
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  • § 10.1-636
    § 10.1-637
    Fund continued; administrative control
    § 10.1-638
    Purposes for which fund to be used
    § 10.1-639
    Conditions for making loan
    § 10.1-640
    Political subdivisions may borrow from other sources
    § 10.1-641
    Powers of Board in aid of the provisions of § 10.1-638
    § 10.1-642
    Record of applications for loans and action taken
    § 10.1-643
    Period of loan; interest rate; loan shall constitute a lien
    § 10.1-644
    Recovery of money due to fund
    § 10.1-645
    Limits on expenditures authorized under § 10.1-638 B; sale of resulting facilities; sale of stored water; renting facilities
    § 10.1-646
    Purchase price and terms of sales authorized by § 10.1-645
    § 10.1-647
    Disposition of facilities financed under article when part of debt remains outstanding
    § 10.1-648
    Acquisition of lands, easements, and rights-of-way
    § 10.1-649
    Sale to Board of property and rights-of-way acquired by condemnation
  • Article 6.
    Comprehensive Flood Control Program
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  • § 10.1-658
    State interest in resilience and flood control
    § 10.1-659
    Flood protection programs; coordination
    § 10.1-660
    Coastal resilience policy; research university collaborative