Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15.
Local Government Personnel, Qualification for Office, Bonds, Dual Office Holding and Certain Local Government Officers
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions for Certain Officers and Employees
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  • § 15.2-1500
    Organization of local government
    § 15.2-1500.1
    Employment discrimination prohibited; sexual orientation or gender identity
    § 15.2-1501
    Designation of officers to perform certain duties
    § 15.2-1502
    Employment of certain deputies and assistants; delegation of powers and duties
    § 15.2-1503
    Tenure of officers and employees; suspension or removal
    § 15.2-1503.1
    Background checks required for certain employees and licensees
    § 15.2-1504
    Use of tobacco products by government employees
    § 15.2-1505
    Employment based on residency prohibited for certain employees
    § 15.2-1505.1
    Applicant preemployment information
    § 15.2-1505.2
    Personnel policies related to the use of public property
    § 15.2-1505.3
    Localities prohibited from inquiring about arrests, charges, or convictions on employment applications; exceptions
    § 15.2-1506
    Establishment of grievance procedure, personnel system and uniform pay plan for employees
    § 15.2-1507
    Provision of grievance procedure; training programs
    § 15.2-1507.1
    Appointment of standing panel in certain counties
    § 15.2-1508
    Bonuses for employees of local governments
    § 15.2-1508.1
    Traveling expenses on business of town, city or county
    § 15.2-1508.2
    Same; where Commonwealth bears portion of expenses
    § 15.2-1508.3
    Governing bodies of certain cities and counties may supplement salaries and reimburse traveling expenses of employees of state and local health departments
    § 15.2-1508.4
    Certain counties and cities may supplement salaries and reimburse traveling expenses of employees of state mental health clinics
    § 15.2-1509
    Preferences for veterans and people with disabilities in local government employment
    § 15.2-1510
    Retirement systems
    § 15.2-1510.1
    Public announcement of severance packages for certain officials
    § 15.2-1511
    Allowances to injured officials and employees and their dependents
    § 15.2-1511.01
    Allowances to injured deputy sheriffs
    § 15.2-1511.1
    Written benefit information to certain employees
    § 15.2-1512
    Oath and bond
    § 15.2-1512.1
    Disposition of property received by subdivisions as result of conversion of mutual insurance company to stock corporation
    § 15.2-1512.2
    Political activities of employees of localities, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and law-enforcement officers and certain other officers and employees
    § 15.2-1512.3
    Telecommuting by local government employees
    § 15.2-1512.4
    Rights of local employees to contact elected officials
    § 15.2-1512.5
    Authority of local government employees to issue summonses for misdemeanor violations of certain local ordinances
  • Article 3.
    Insurance and Legal Defense
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  • § 15.2-1517
    Insurance for employees and retired employees of localities and other local governmental entities; participation by certain volunteers
    § 15.2-1517.1
    Formation of not-for-profit benefits consortium
    § 15.2-1518
    Liability insurance for officers, employees and volunteers of local government and members of its boards and commissions and constitutional officers
    § 15.2-1519
    Liability insurance for employees of local departments and boards of welfare and social services; legal representation
    § 15.2-1520
    Employment of counsel to defend localities and political subdivisions, governing bodies, officers or employees in certain proceedings; costs and expenses of such proceedings
    § 15.2-1521
    Providing legal fees and expenses for officer or employee of county, city or town in certain proceedings
  • Article 5.
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  • § 15.2-1527
    Bonds of officers
    § 15.2-1528
    Penalties of bonds of sheriffs, clerks of the circuit court and commissioners of the revenue
    § 15.2-1529
    Amount of bond of treasurer or director of finance of counties
    § 15.2-1530
    Bonds required of treasurers or directors of finance of cities
    § 15.2-1531
    When certain city and county treasurers not required to give additional bond
    § 15.2-1532
    Payment of premiums on bonds for more than one year in advance
    § 15.2-1533
    Bond plan to be forwarded to clerk and Comptroller
  • Article 6.
    Prohibition on Dual Office Holding
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  • § 15.2-1534
    Certain officers not to hold more than one office
    § 15.2-1535
    Members of governing body not to be elected or appointed by governing body to certain offices
  • Article 8.
    Local Trusts to Fund Postemployment Benefits Other Than Pensions
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  • § 15.2-1544
    Counties, cities, towns, school divisions, and certain political subdivisions may establish local trusts or equivalent arrangements to fund postemployment benefits other than pensions
    § 15.2-1545
    Postemployment benefits other than pensions defined
    § 15.2-1546
    Assets of trusts or equivalent arrangements for postemployment benefits other than pensions
    § 15.2-1547
    Creation of local finance boards to manage the assets of postemployment benefits trust or equivalent arrangement; composition of such boards; alternatives to such boards; liability; and removal from office
    § 15.2-1548
    Finance boards or alternatives thereto to manage the assets of trusts or equivalent arrangements to fund postemployment benefits other than pensions and provide annual reports; exemption from Public Procurement Act
    § 15.2-1549
    Investment of assets of trusts or equivalent arrangement for postemployment benefits other than pensions