Code of Virginia

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Chapter 38.
Transition of Towns to Cities
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§ 15.2-3800
Ordinance petitioning court for city status; appointment of special court
§ 15.2-3801
§ 15.2-3802
Town and county agreement concerning proposed city
§ 15.2-3803
Notice of motion; service and publication; answer or other pleading
§ 15.2-3804
§ 15.2-3805
Time limit for intervenors; publication of order
§ 15.2-3806
Pretrial conference; matters considered
§ 15.2-3807
Hearing and decision by court
§ 15.2-3808
Assistance of state agencies
§ 15.2-3809
§ 15.2-3810
Declining of grant of city status
§ 15.2-3811
Proceeding final for three years
§ 15.2-3812
Effect when town becomes city
§ 15.2-3813
Town liabilities and assets
§ 15.2-3814
Mayor of town to continue in office
§ 15.2-3815
Council of town to continue in office; additional members
§ 15.2-3816
Town treasurer to continue in office; appointment where town had no treasurer
§ 15.2-3817
Commissioner of revenue or assessor to continue in office; appointment where town had no commissioner or assessor
§ 15.2-3818
Town sergeant to continue in office
§ 15.2-3819
Election and terms of office of mayor and councilmen after town becomes city
§ 15.2-3820
Election and terms of other city officers
§ 15.2-3821
Qualification of officers; vacancies
§ 15.2-3822
Sharing of offices; transfer of jurisdiction
§ 15.2-3823
Tenure and reelection of county officer whose homesite becomes part of city
§ 15.2-3824
Town officers
§ 15.2-3825
§ 15.2-3826
Appointment of electoral board, sheriff, attorney for the Commonwealth and circuit court clerk
§ 15.2-3827
Transfer of assessments to city books
§ 15.2-3828
State, county and district taxes accruing before transition; county sales and use tax becomes city sales and use tax
§ 15.2-3829
Assumption of debt; adjustment
§ 15.2-3830
Certain costs and expenses to be apportioned between city and county
§ 15.2-3831
Registrars and their duties
§ 15.2-3832
Authority to city to provide by condemnation, etc., water, light, power and fuel
§ 15.2-3833
Chapter not applicable to cities already existing
§ 15.2-3834
Congressional, etc., districts and judicial circuit not changed