Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns
Chapter 54.1. Virginia Wireless Service Authorities Act

§ 15.2-5431.11. Powers of authority.

Each authority is an instrumentality exercising public and essential governmental functions to provide for the public health and welfare, and each authority may:

1. Exist for a term of 50 years as a corporation, and for such further period or periods as may from time to time be provided by appropriate resolutions of the political subdivision creating the authority; however, the term of an authority shall not be extended beyond a date 50 years from the date of the adoption of such resolutions;

2. Adopt, amend or repeal bylaws, rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter or the general laws of the Commonwealth, for the regulation of its affairs and the conduct of its business and to carry into effect its powers and purposes;

3. Adopt an official seal and alter the same at pleasure;

4. Maintain an office at such place or places as it may designate;

5. Sue and be sued;

6. Acquire, construct, reconstruct, improve, enlarge, operate or extend any project;

7. Issue revenue bonds of the authority, such bonds to be payable solely from revenues to pay all or a part of the cost of a project;

8. Borrow at such rates of interest as authorized by the general law for authorities and as the authority may determine and issue its notes, bonds or other obligations therefor. The political subdivision creating the authority may lend, advance or give money to such authority;

9. Fix, charge and collect rates, fees and charges for the use of or for the services furnished by or for the benefit from any project operated by the authority. Such rates, fees, rents and charges shall be charged to and collected from any person contracting for the services or the lessee or tenant who uses or occupies any real estate that is served by or benefits from any such project. Connection and service fees established by an authority shall be fair and reasonable. Such fees shall be reviewed by the authority periodically and shall be adjusted, if necessary, to assure that they continue to be fair and reasonable; and

10. Contract with any person, political subdivision, federal agency, or any public authority or unit, on such terms as the authority deems proper, for the purpose of acting as a billing and collecting agent for service fees, rents or charges imposed by an authority.

2003, c. 643.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.