Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
Supreme Court
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  • Article 1.
    Composition, Jurisdiction, Etc.
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  • § 17.1-300
    Composition of Court; quorum; Chief Justice
    § 17.1-301
    Presiding justice when Chief Justice absent
    § 17.1-302
    Senior justice
    § 17.1-303
    Election of successor justice before date of vacancy
    § 17.1-304
    Terms and sessions, state of emergency
    § 17.1-305
    Special sessions
    § 17.1-306
    What may be tried at special session; effect of decisions
    § 17.1-307
    Information and recommendations as to other courts
    § 17.1-308
    Court may sit and render final judgment en banc or in divisions; when decision becomes judgment of Court; majority must concur in declaring law unconstitutional; rehearings
    § 17.1-309
    Jurisdiction of writs of mandamus and prohibition
    § 17.1-310
    Habeas corpus, appeals, writs of error and supersedeas
    § 17.1-311
    Where prohibition and mandamus issued and tried
    § 17.1-312
    Where criminal jurisdiction exercised
    § 17.1-313
    § 17.1-314
    Executive Secretary
    § 17.1-315
    Duties of Executive Secretary
    § 17.1-316
    Printing and binding reports of Supreme Court
    § 17.1-317
    Printing and distribution of advance sheets of such reports
    § 17.1-318
    § 17.1-319
    Custody and distribution of reports of Supreme Court; Court of Appeals
    § 17.1-320
    Furnishing reports to law libraries destroyed by fire
    § 17.1-321
    Reporter of Court; his appointment and salary
    § 17.1-322
    § 17.1-323
    Clerk to deliver opinions to Reporter
  • Article 2.
    Compensation and Expenses; Fees
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  • § 17.1-324
    Justices of Supreme Court
    § 17.1-325
    Clerk and deputy clerks of Supreme Court
    § 17.1-326
    Reporter of Supreme Court
    § 17.1-327
    Payment for services of retired judges; members of the State Corporation Commission and Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
    § 17.1-328
    Fees charged and collected by Clerk of Supreme Court
    § 17.1-329
    Disposition of fees of Clerk of Supreme Court