Code of Virginia

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Chapter 13.
Grand Juries
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  • Article 2.
    Regular Grand Juries
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  • § 19.2-193
    Number of regular grand juries
    § 19.2-194
    When and how grand jurors to be selected and summoned; lists to be delivered to clerk
    § 19.2-195
    Number and qualifications of grand jurors
    § 19.2-196
    How deficiency of jurors supplied
    § 19.2-197
    Foreman of grand jury; oaths of jurors and witnesses
    § 19.2-198
    When new foreman or juror may be sworn in
    § 19.2-199
    Judge to charge grand jury
    § 19.2-200
    Duties of grand jury
    § 19.2-201
    Officers to give information of violation of penal laws to attorney for Commonwealth
    § 19.2-202
    How indictments found and presentment made
    § 19.2-203
    Indictments ignored may be sent to another grand jury; what irregularities not to vitiate indictment, etc.
    § 19.2-204
    Penalties on officers and jurors for failure of duty
    § 19.2-205
    Pay and mileage of grand jurors
  • Article 4.
    Multi-Jurisdiction Grand Juries
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  • § 19.2-215.1
    Functions of a multi-jurisdiction grand jury
    § 19.2-215.2
    Application for such grand jury
    § 19.2-215.3
    When impaneled; impaneling order
    § 19.2-215.4
    Number and qualifications of jurors; grand jury list; when convened; compensation of jurors
    § 19.2-215.5
    Subpoena power; counsel for witness; oath
    § 19.2-215.6
    Role and presence of special counsel; examination of witnesses; sworn investigators
    § 19.2-215.7
    Warnings given to witnesses; when witness in contempt; use of testimony compelled after witness invokes right against self-incrimination
    § 19.2-215.8
    Returning a "true bill" of indictment; jurisdiction to be set out
    § 19.2-215.9
    Court reporter provided; safekeeping of transcripts, notes, etc.; when disclosure permitted; access to record of testimony and evidence
    § 19.2-215.10
    Participation by Office of Attorney General; assistance of special counsel permitted in certain prosecutions
    § 19.2-215.11
    Discharge of grand jury