Code of Virginia

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Chapter 17.
Convictions; Effect Thereof
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  • Article 1.
    Proof and Verdicts
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  • § 19.2-283
    How accused may be convicted of felony
    § 19.2-284
    Proof of ownership in offense relating to property
    § 19.2-285
    Accused guilty of part of offense charged; sentence; on new trial what tried
    § 19.2-286
    Conviction of attempt or as accessory on indictment for felony; effect of general verdict of not guilty
    § 19.2-287
    Verdict and judgment, when jury agree as to some and disagree as to others
    § 19.2-288
    Verdict when accused found guilty of punishable homicide
    § 19.2-289
    Conviction of petit larceny
    § 19.2-290
    Conviction of petit larceny though thing stolen worth $1,000 or more
    § 19.2-291
    Faulty counts; motion to strike; general verdict of guilty
    § 19.2-291.1
    Report of conviction of school employees for certain offenses
  • Article 2.
    Former Jeopardy
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  • § 19.2-292
    Acquittal by jury on merits bar to further prosecution for same offense
    § 19.2-293
    When acquittal not a bar to further prosecution for same offense
    § 19.2-294
    Offense against two or more statutes or ordinances
    § 19.2-294.1
    Dismissal of one of dual charges for driving while intoxicated and reckless driving upon conviction of other charge
  • Article 3.
    Conviction of Aliens
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  • § 19.2-294.2
    Procedure when aliens convicted of certain felonies; duties of probation and parole officer