Code of Virginia

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Chapter 25.
Appeals by the Commonwealth
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§ 19.2-398
When appeal by the Commonwealth allowed
§ 19.2-399
Defense objections to be raised before trial; hearing; bill of particulars
§ 19.2-400
Appeal lies to the Court of Appeals; time for filing notice
§ 19.2-401
Cross appeal; when allowed; time for filing
§ 19.2-402
Petition for appeal; brief in opposition; time for filing
§ 19.2-403
Procedures on petition for pretrial appeal
§ 19.2-404
Procedures on awarded pretrial appeal
§ 19.2-405
Pretrial appeals; record on appeal; transcript; written statement of facts; time for filing
§ 19.2-406
Bail pending pretrial appeal
§ 19.2-407
Review by the Supreme Court
§ 19.2-408
Finality of decision of the Court of Appeals in pretrial appeals
§ 19.2-409
Exclusion of pretrial appeal period from time within which accused must be tried; reconsideration of issues after conviction