Code of Virginia

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Chapter 18.
Department of the Treasury
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 2.2-1800
    Department of the Treasury; State Treasurer
    § 2.2-1801
    State Treasurer to appoint administrative assistants, etc.
    § 2.2-1802
    Payment of state funds into state treasury; deposits in state depositories; credit of fund not paid into general fund; exceptions as to endowments and gifts to institutions; appropriations by federal government
    § 2.2-1803
    State Treasurer; regulation procedures for depositing money
    § 2.2-1804
    Payment by delivery of checks, etc., to State Treasurer; liability when not paid on presentation
    § 2.2-1805
    Records of receipts of such checks, etc.; reports to Comptroller
    § 2.2-1806
    Investment of current funds in state treasury; withdrawals and transfers of moneys to be invested
    § 2.2-1807
    Investments, etc., in custody of State Treasurer
    § 2.2-1808
    State Treasurer may sell securities in general fund; exceptions; disposition of proceeds
    § 2.2-1809
    Warrants on state treasury to be listed and numbered
    § 2.2-1810
    State Treasurer to keep accounts with depositories
    § 2.2-1811
    Unpresented checks drawn by State Treasurer; replacement and payment
    § 2.2-1812
    Admissibility of reproductions of checks in evidence; compliance with subpoena
  • Article 2.
    State Depositories
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  • § 2.2-1813
    Deposits in banks and savings institutions designated as state depositories
    § 2.2-1814
    Amount and time limit of deposits
    § 2.2-1815
    Security to be given by depositories holding state funds
    § 2.2-1816
    How public moneys transferred to depositories
    § 2.2-1817
    Commonwealth shall not be liable for loss in collection of checks, etc.
    § 2.2-1818
    Responsibility of Commonwealth for securities deposited with Commonwealth Transportation Board
  • Article 3.
    Disbursement from State Treasury
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  • § 2.2-1819
    Payments to be made in accordance with appropriations; submission and approval of quarterly estimates
    § 2.2-1820
    § 2.2-1821
    Deposits to be to credit of State Treasurer; how money withdrawn
    § 2.2-1822
    Conditions to issuance of disbursement warrants
    § 2.2-1822.1
    Recovery audits of state contracts
    § 2.2-1823
    Lump-sum transfers prohibited
    § 2.2-1824
    Petty cash, payroll and other funds
    § 2.2-1825
    Issuance of warrants for payment of claims; Comptroller to keep and sign register of warrants issued; signing of checks drawn on such warrants; electronic payment systems
    § 2.2-1826
    Issuance of replacement warrants generally
    § 2.2-1827
    When replacement warrant issued without bond
  • Article 4.
    Revenue Stabilization Fund
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  • § 2.2-1828
    Creation of Revenue Stabilization Fund
    § 2.2-1829
    Reports of Auditor of Public Accounts; Fund deposits and withdrawals
    § 2.2-1830
    Decline in forecasted revenues
    § 2.2-1831
    Sources or components of "general fund revenues."
  • Article 5.
    Division of Risk Management
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  • § 2.2-1832
    Division of Risk Management
    § 2.2-1833
    Property and insurance records to be maintained
    § 2.2-1834
    Inspection of state-owned properties for insurance purposes; determination of coverage; procurement, discontinuance, etc., of insurance
    § 2.2-1835
    State Insurance Reserve Trust Fund
    § 2.2-1836
    Insurance plan for state-owned buildings and state-owned contents of buildings
    § 2.2-1837
    Risk management plan for public liability
    § 2.2-1838
    Insurance of state motor vehicles
    § 2.2-1839
    Risk management plans administered by the Department of the Treasury's Risk Management Division for political subdivisions, constitutional officers, etc.
    § 2.2-1839.1
    Not in effect
    § 2.2-1840
    Blanket surety bond plan for state and local employees
    § 2.2-1841
    Blanket surety bond plan for moneys under control of court
    § 2.2-1842
    Sovereign immunity
    § 2.2-1843
    Loss prevention