Code of Virginia

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Chapter 24.
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  • Article 1.
    Art and Architectural Review Board
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  • § 2.2-2400
    Art and Architectural Review Board; members and officers; travel expenses; quorum; compensation; staff; report
    § 2.2-2401
    Works of art accepted by Governor; approval by Board; meaning of "work of art."
    § 2.2-2402
    Governor's approval of works of art; removal, etc.; structures, fixtures and works of art placed on or extending over state property
  • Article 8.
    Treasury Board
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  • § 2.2-2415
    Treasury Board membership; chairman; quorum; reimbursement for expenses
    § 2.2-2416
    Powers and duties of Treasury Board
    § 2.2-2417
    Approval of financial terms of certain contracts; using agencies to procure certain financial services through Treasury Board
    § 2.2-2418
    Use of bond anticipation notes by the Treasury Board
    § 2.2-2419
    Issuance of refunding bonds by the Treasury Board
    § 2.2-2420
    Combined issuance of general obligation debt by the Treasury Board
  • Article 10.
    Virginia Geographic Information Network Advisory Board
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  • § 2.2-2423
    Virginia Geographic Information Network Advisory Board; membership; terms; quorum; compensation and expenses
  • Article 16.
    Herbert H. Bateman Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding and Carrier Integration Center Board
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  • § 2.2-2440
  • Article 19.
    Charitable Gaming Board
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  • § 2.2-2455
    Charitable Gaming Board; membership; terms; quorum; compensation; staff
    § 2.2-2456
    Duties of the Charitable Gaming Board
  • Article 21.
    Latino Advisory Board
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  • § 2.2-2459
    Latino Advisory Board; membership; terms; compensation and expenses
    § 2.2-2460
    Powers and duties; acceptance of gifts and grants
    § 2.2-2461
    Staff; cooperation from other state agencies
  • Article 24.
    Virginia Board of Workforce Development
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  • § 2.2-2470
    § 2.2-2471
    Virginia Board of Workforce Development; purpose; membership; terms; compensation and expenses; staff
    § 2.2-2471.1
    Secretary of Labor; staff support
    § 2.2-2472
    Powers and duties of the Board; Virginia Workforce System created
    § 2.2-2472.1
    Regional convener designation required; development of regional workforce pipelines and training solutions
    § 2.2-2472.2
    Minimum levels of fiscal support from WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker funds by local workforce development boards; incentives
    § 2.2-2472.3
    Strategy for career pathways for opportunity youth
    § 2.2-2473
    Regional workforce training centers
    § 2.2-2474
    Authorization of facilities use and equipment rental; fees
    § 2.2-2475
    Trade secrets
    § 2.2-2476
    Workforce Training Access Program and Fund
    § 2.2-2477
    Virginia Career Readiness Certificate Program
  • Article 28.
    Office of New Americans Advisory Board
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  • § 2.2-2496
    Office of New Americans Advisory Board
    § 2.2-2497
    Membership; terms; compensation and expenses
    § 2.2-2498
    Powers and duties; acceptance of gifts and grants
    § 2.2-2499
    Staff; cooperation from other state agencies