Code of Virginia

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Chapter 7.
Virginia College Savings Plan and ABLE Savings Trust Accounts
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§ 23.1-700
§ 23.1-701
Plan established; moneys; governing board
§ 23.1-702
Advisory committees to the board; membership; terms; qualifications; duties
§ 23.1-703
Chief executive officer of the Plan
§ 23.1-704
Powers and duties of the board
§ 23.1-705
Board actions not a debt of Commonwealth
§ 23.1-706
Standard of care; investment and administration of the Plan
§ 23.1-707
Prepaid tuition contracts and college and ABLE savings trust agreements
§ 23.1-707.1
Prepaid tuition contracts; pricing reserves; limitations
§ 23.1-708
Assets of the Plan exempt from taxation
§ 23.1-709
Annual report
§ 23.1-710
Forms and audit of accounts and records
§ 23.1-711
Admission to institutions not guaranteed; coverage limitations
§ 23.1-712
Payroll deductions
§ 23.1-713
Liberal construction of chapter