Code of Virginia

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Chapter 8.
Health and Campus Safety
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  • Article 1.
    Student Health
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  • § 23.1-800
    Health histories and immunizations required; exemptions
    § 23.1-801
    Educational program on human immunodeficiency virus infection
    § 23.1-802
    Student mental health; policies; website resource; training
  • Article 2.
    Campus Safety; General Provisions
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  • § 23.1-803
    First warning notification and emergency broadcast system required
    § 23.1-804
    Institutional crisis and emergency management plan
    § 23.1-805
    Violence prevention committee; threat assessment team
    § 23.1-806
    Reporting of acts of sexual violence
    § 23.1-807
    Sexual assault; memoranda of understanding; policies
    § 23.1-808
    Sexual violence; policy review; disciplinary immunity for certain individuals who make reports
  • Article 3.
    Campus Safety; Campus Police Departments
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  • § 23.1-809
    Public institutions of higher education; establishment of campus police departments authorized; employment of officers
    § 23.1-810
    Authorization for campus police departments in private institutions of higher education
    § 23.1-811
    Establishment of auxiliary police forces
    § 23.1-812
    Appointment of campus police officers and members of an auxiliary police force
    § 23.1-813
    Officers and members to comply with requirements of Department of Criminal Justice Services
    § 23.1-814
    Termination of employment of campus police officers and members of auxiliary police forces
    § 23.1-815
    Campus police forces and auxiliary police forces; powers and duties; jurisdiction
    § 23.1-815.1
    (Effective until July 1, 2026) Facial recognition technology; approval
    § 23.1-815.1
    (Effective July 1, 2026) Facial recognition technology; approval; penalty
    § 23.1-816
    Extending police power of public institutions of higher education beyond boundaries; jurisdiction of general district courts; duty of attorneys for the Commonwealth
    § 23.1-817
    Inspection of criminal incident information
    § 23.1-818
    Security departments and other security services
  • Article 4.
    Campus Safety; Hazing.
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  • § 23.1-819
    § 23.1-820
    Hazing prevention training; current members, new members, potential new members, and advisors
    § 23.1-821
    Hazing; disciplinary immunity for certain individuals who make reports; requirement to investigate
    § 23.1-822
    Institution reports of hazing violations