Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Financial Assistance
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 23.1-600
    Participation in and eligibility for state-supported financial aid programs
    § 23.1-601
    Public institutions of higher education; grants for tuition and fees for certain individuals
    § 23.1-602
    Payments to institutions of higher education for certain courses taken by law-enforcement officers
    § 23.1-603
    State cadets; Mary Baldwin College and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; financial assistance awards
    § 23.1-604
    Investment of funds donated for scholarships
    § 23.1-605
    Commissioned officers; waiver of tuition and mandatory fees
    § 23.1-606
    Service in Armed Forces of the United States; discharge of scholarship service obligations
    § 23.1-607
    Compensation of cooperating teachers
    § 23.1-607.1
    Veterans; withdrawal; tuition refund
    § 23.1-608
    Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; tuition and fee waivers
    § 23.1-608.1
    Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Fund; stipends
    § 23.1-609
    Surviving spouses and children of certain individuals; tuition and fee waivers
    § 23.1-610
    Members of the National Guard; grants
    § 23.1-610.1
    Veteran Student Transition Grant Fund and Program
    § 23.1-611
    Students from foreign countries; student exchange programs; tuition and fee waivers
    § 23.1-611.1
    Financial aid award notification
  • Article 4.1.
    New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program
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  • § 23.1-627.1
    § 23.1-627.2
    New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program; purpose
    § 23.1-627.3
    New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund and Program established; administration
    § 23.1-627.4
    Student grants
    § 23.1-627.5
    Board of Workforce Development to keep a list of high-demand fields and related noncredit workforce training programs and credentials
    § 23.1-627.6
    Eligible institutions; academic credit; noncredit workforce credentials
    § 23.1-627.7
    Eligible institutions and the Council; reporting
  • Article 6.
    Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program and Fund
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  • § 23.1-636
    Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; Council to adopt regulations
    § 23.1-637
    Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Fund
    § 23.1-638
    Eligibility; amount of grants; renewals
  • Article 7.
    Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974
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  • § 23.1-639
    Definition; construction of section
    § 23.1-640
    Senior citizens; registration and enrollment in courses
    § 23.1-641
    Catalog to include statement of benefits
    § 23.1-642
    Determination of senior citizen status; forms