Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Election Offenses Generally; Penalties
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§ 24.2-1000
Intimidation of officers of election
§ 24.2-1001
Willful neglect or corrupt conduct
§ 24.2-1002
Interference with registration
§ 24.2-1002.01
Destruction of, or failure to mail or deliver, voter registration application; penalty
§ 24.2-1002.1
Unlawful disclosure or use of social security number or part thereof
§ 24.2-1003
Campaigning at registration locations
§ 24.2-1004
Illegal voting and registrations
§ 24.2-1005
Intimidation of voters; civil cause of action
§ 24.2-1005.1
Communication of false information to registered voter
§ 24.2-1005.2
Interference with voting
§ 24.2-1006
Advice or assistance in casting ballot
§ 24.2-1007
Soliciting or accepting bribe to influence or procure vote
§ 24.2-1008
Selling, giving away, or counterfeiting ballots
§ 24.2-1009
Stealing or tampering with ballot containers, voting or registration equipment, software, records or documents
§ 24.2-1010
Unauthorized possession or duplication of voting equipment key or electronic activation device
§ 24.2-1011
Ballot not to be carried away
§ 24.2-1012
Offenses as to absent voters
§ 24.2-1013
§ 24.2-1014
§ 24.2-1014.1
§ 24.2-1015
Conspiracy against rights of citizens under this title
§ 24.2-1016
False statements; penalties
§ 24.2-1017
Penalties when not specifically provided elsewhere
§ 24.2-1018
Immunity of witnesses
§ 24.2-1019
Complaints and allegations concerning election law offenses