Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.1.
Virginia Fair Housing Law
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§ 36-96.1
Declaration of policy
§ 36-96.1:1
§ 36-96.2
§ 36-96.3
Unlawful discriminatory housing practices
§ 36-96.3:1
Rights and responsibilities with respect to the use of an assistance animal in a dwelling
§ 36-96.3:2
Reasonable accommodations; interactive process
§ 36-96.4
Discrimination in residential real estate-related transactions; unlawful practices by lenders, insurers, appraisers, etc.; deposit of state funds in such institutions
§ 36-96.5
Interference with enjoyment of rights of others under this chapter
§ 36-96.6
Certain restrictive covenants void; instruments containing such covenants
§ 36-96.7
Familial status protection not applicable to housing for older persons
§ 36-96.8
Powers of Real Estate Board and Fair Housing Board
§ 36-96.9
Procedures for receipt or initiation of complaint; notice to parties; filing of answer
§ 36-96.10
Procedures for investigation
§ 36-96.11
Reasonable cause determination and effect
§ 36-96.12
No reasonable cause determination and effect
§ 36-96.13
§ 36-96.14
Issuance of a charge
§ 36-96.15
Prompt judicial action
§ 36-96.16
Civil action by Attorney General upon referral of charge by the Real Estate Board
§ 36-96.17
Civil action by Attorney General; matters involving the legality of any local zoning or other land use ordinance; pattern or practice cases; or referral of conciliation agreement for enforcement
§ 36-96.18
Civil action; enforcement by private parties
§ 36-96.19
Witness fees
§ 36-96.20
Additional powers of the Real Estate Board; action on real estate licenses
§ 36-96.21
Powers of counties, cities and towns
§ 36-96.22
§ 36-96.23
Construction of law