Code of Virginia

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Chapter 19.
Regulation of Rates Generally
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§ 38.2-1900
Purposes of chapter
§ 38.2-1901
§ 38.2-1902
Scope of chapter
§ 38.2-1903
§ 38.2-1903.1
Exemptions of large commercial risks
§ 38.2-1904
Rate standards
§ 38.2-1905.1
§ 38.2-1905
Motor vehicle insurer not to charge points or increase premiums in certain instances
§ 38.2-1906
Filing and use of rates
§ 38.2-1906.1
Misquote of premium
§ 38.2-1907
Filings open to inspection
§ 38.2-1908
Rate making and delegation of filing obligation
§ 38.2-1909
Review of rates by Commission
§ 38.2-1910
Disapproval of rates
§ 38.2-1911
Special restrictions on individual insurers
§ 38.2-1912
Delayed effect of rates; certification of reinsurance with affiliated company
§ 38.2-1912.1
Approval of prospective loss costs and supplementary rate information; § 38.2-119 rate filings
§ 38.2-1913
Operation and control of rate service organizations
§ 38.2-1914
Licensing of rate service organizations
§ 38.2-1915
Joint underwriting or joint reinsurance organizations
§ 38.2-1916
Certain conduct by insurers and rate service organizations prohibited
§ 38.2-1916.1
Investigation by Attorney General of suspected violations; investigative demand to witnesses; access to business records, etc.; penalties
§ 38.2-1916.2
Penalties; injunctive relief; restitution
§ 38.2-1917
Injunctive relief
§ 38.2-1918
Agreements for equitable apportionment of insurance
§ 38.2-1919
Collection of experience data; uniformity; compilations available to insurers and rate service organizations
§ 38.2-1919.1
Interchange of rating data and information
§ 38.2-1920
Excess rate for a specific risk
§ 38.2-1921
Combination policies
§ 38.2-1921.1
Professional employer organization workers' compensation rating
§ 38.2-1922
No rule prohibiting or regulating payment of dividends, etc., to be adopted
§ 38.2-1923
Person aggrieved by application of rating system to be heard; appeal to Commission
§ 38.2-1924
Cooperation among rate service organizations, or among rate service organizations and insurers, authorized; review by Commission
§ 38.2-1925
Examination of rate service organizations and joint underwriting and joint reinsurance organizations
§ 38.2-1926
Action of Commission upon request for hearing on order or decision made without a hearing
§ 38.2-1927
Withholding information; giving false or misleading information
§ 38.2-1928
Violations of chapter