Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
General Provisions
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§ 4.1-600
§ 4.1-601
Virginia Cannabis Control Authority created; public purpose
§ 4.1-602
Virginia Cannabis Control Authority; composition
§ 4.1-603
Cannabis Public Health Advisory Council; purpose; membership; quorum; meetings; compensation and expenses; duties
§ 4.1-604
Powers and duties of the Board
§ 4.1-605
Additional powers; mediation; alternative dispute resolution; confidentiality
§ 4.1-606
Regulations of the Board
§ 4.1-607
Board membership; terms; compensation
§ 4.1-608
Appointment, salary, and powers of Chief Executive Officer; appointment of confidential assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
§ 4.1-609
Background investigations of Board members and Chief Executive Officer
§ 4.1-610
Financial interests of Board, employees, and family members prohibited
§ 4.1-611
Seed-to-sale tracking system
§ 4.1-612
Moneys of Authority
§ 4.1-613
Forms of accounts and records; audit; annual report
§ 4.1-614
Disposition of moneys collected by the Board
§ 4.1-615
Leases and purchases of property by the Board
§ 4.1-616
Exemptions from taxes or assessments
§ 4.1-617
Exemption of Authority from personnel and procurement procedures; information systems; etc.
§ 4.1-618
Reversion to the Commonwealth
§ 4.1-619
Certified mail; subsequent mail or notices may be sent by regular mail; electronic communications as alternative to regular mail; limitation
§ 4.1-620
Reports and accounting systems of Board; auditing books and records
§ 4.1-621
Certain information not to be made public
§ 4.1-622
Criminal history records check required on certain employees; reimbursement of costs
§ 4.1-623
Employees of the Authority
§ 4.1-624
Police power of members, agents, and employees of Board
§ 4.1-625
Liability of Board members; suits by and against Board
§ 4.1-626
Counsel for members, agents, and employees of Board
§ 4.1-627
Hearings; representation by counsel
§ 4.1-628
Hearings; allowances to witnesses
§ 4.1-629