Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.2.
Virginia Uniform Partnership Act
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  • Article 4.
    Relations of Partners to Each Other and to Partnership
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  • § 50-73.99
    Partner's rights and duties
    § 50-73.100
    Distributions in kind
    § 50-73.101
    Partner's rights and duties with respect to information
    § 50-73.102
    General standards of partner's conduct
    § 50-73.103
    Actions by partnership and partners
    § 50-73.104
    Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or particular undertaking
  • Article 5.
    Transferees and Creditors of Partner
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  • § 50-73.105
    Partner not co-owner of partnership property
    § 50-73.106
    Partner's transferable interest in partnership
    § 50-73.107
    Transfer of partner's transferable interest
    § 50-73.108
    Partner's transferable interest subject to charging order
  • Article 8.
    Winding Up Partnership Business
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  • § 50-73.117
    Events causing dissolution and winding up of partnership business
    § 50-73.118
    Partnership continues after dissolution
    § 50-73.119
    Right to wind up partnership business
    § 50-73.120
    Partner's power to bind partnership after dissolution
    § 50-73.121
    Statement of dissolution
    § 50-73.122
    Partner's liability to other partners after dissolution
    § 50-73.123
    Settlement of accounts and contributions among partners
  • Article 9.1.
    Registered Limited Liability Partnerships
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  • § 50-73.132
    Registered limited liability partnerships
    § 50-73.133
    Name of registered limited liability partnership
    § 50-73.134
    Registered limited liability partnership annual continuation reports; automatic cancellation of registration; restoration of status
    § 50-73.135
    Registered office and registered agent
    § 50-73.136
    Amendment of statement of registration; effect of statement of registration
    § 50-73.137
    Cancellation of a registered limited liability partnership
    § 50-73.137:1
    Effect of cancellation of limited partnership certificate or registration
    § 50-73.137:2
    Known claims against dissolved registered limited liability partnership
    § 50-73.137:3
    Other claims against dissolved registered limited liability partnership
    § 50-73.137:4
    Court proceedings
    § 50-73.138
    Registration of foreign registered limited liability partnerships
    § 50-73.139
    Withdrawal of a foreign registered limited liability partnership
    § 50-73.140
    Effect of failure of foreign registered limited liability partnership to register
    § 50-73.141
    Applicability of chapter to foreign and interstate commerce
    § 50-73.142
    Limited partnerships as registered limited liability partnerships
    § 50-73.143
    Registration certificate required for registered limited liability partnership engaged in practice of law