Code of Virginia

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Chapter 40.
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§ 54.1-4000
Definition of pawnbroker
§ 54.1-4001
License required; license authorized by court; building designated in license; penalty
§ 54.1-4002
Local limitations as to number of pawnshops
§ 54.1-4003
Bond required; private action on bond
§ 54.1-4004
Memorandum to be given pledgor; fee; lost ticket charge
§ 54.1-4005
Sale of goods pawned
§ 54.1-4006
§ 54.1-4008
Interest chargeable
§ 54.1-4009
Records to be kept; credentials of person pawning goods; fee; penalty
§ 54.1-4010
Daily reports
§ 54.1-4011
Officers may examine records or property; warrantless search and seizure authorized
§ 54.1-4012
Property pawned or purchased not to be disfigured or changed
§ 54.1-4013
Care of tangible personal property; evaluation fee
§ 54.1-4014
Penalties; violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act