Code of Virginia

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Chapter 39.
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 54.1-3900
    Practice of law; student internship program; definition
    § 54.1-3900.01
    Protection of client interests; appointment of receiver for practice of a disabled, impaired, absent, deceased, suspended or disbarred attorney
    § 54.1-3900.02
    Disclosure of services provided by the Department of Veterans Services
    § 54.1-3901
    Practice of patent law
    § 54.1-3902
    Professional corporations; professional limited liability companies; and registered limited liability partnerships
    § 54.1-3903
    Oath; qualification; proof of licensure or authorization
    § 54.1-3904
    Penalty for practicing without authority
    § 54.1-3905
    Furnishing advice and services for compensation in connection with certain debt-pooling plans deemed practicing law
    § 54.1-3906
    Liability to client
    § 54.1-3907
    Reasonable care of attorney in selection of index
    § 54.1-3908
    Liability for words used in proceedings concerning conduct
  • Article 2.
    Bar Organization and Government
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  • § 54.1-3909
    Rules and regulations defining practice of law and prescribing procedures for practice of law by law students, codes of ethics, use of limited liability companies, and disciplinary procedure
    § 54.1-3910
    Organization and government of Virginia State Bar
    § 54.1-3910.1
    Enforcement, etc., of costs
    § 54.1-3911
    Transmission of certain information to the House Committee for Courts of Justice and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary
    § 54.1-3912
    § 54.1-3913
    State Bar Fund; receipts; disbursements
    § 54.1-3913.1
    Clients' Protection Fund
    § 54.1-3914
    Forfeiture of license for failing to pay fees; restoration of license
    § 54.1-3915
    Restrictions as to rules and regulations
    § 54.1-3915.1
    § 54.1-3916
    Legal aid societies
    § 54.1-3917
    Master retirement program
    § 54.1-3917.1
    Group or individual insurance policies
    § 54.1-3918
    Availability of Virginia State Bar membership list
  • Article 3.
    Board of Bar Examiners
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  • § 54.1-3919
    Composition of Board; quorum
    § 54.1-3920
    Appointment and terms of members
    § 54.1-3921
    Board to elect one of its members president; appointment of secretary and treasurer
    § 54.1-3922
    Powers, rules and regulations
    § 54.1-3923
    Compensation of members, secretary, treasurer and character and fitness committee; expenses of examinations
    § 54.1-3924
    Fees paid by applicants
  • Article 6.
    Revocation or Suspension of Licenses; Disbarment Proceedings
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  • § 54.1-3934
    Revocation of license by Board
    § 54.1-3935
    Procedure for disciplining attorneys by three-judge circuit court
    § 54.1-3936
    Protection of client interests in proceedings pending disciplinary action
    § 54.1-3937
    Procedure for revocation of certificate of registration of professional law corporations or professional limited liability companies
    § 54.1-3938
    Service of process in license revocation proceedings
    § 54.1-3938.1
    Subpoena issued pursuant to law of another jurisdiction