Code of Virginia

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Chapter 14.
Nonresidential Tenancies
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 55.1-1400
    Applicability; right to terminate tenant
    § 55.1-1401
    Appointment of resident agent by nonresident property owner; service of process, etc., on such agent or on Secretary of the Commonwealth
    § 55.1-1402
    Apportionment on purchase of part of land by holder of rent
    § 55.1-1403
    Perfection of lien or interest in leases, rents, and profits
    § 55.1-1404
    Energy submetering, energy allocation equipment, sewer and water submetering equipment, ratio utility billings systems; local government fees
    § 55.1-1405
    Transfer of deposits upon purchase
  • Article 2.
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  • § 55.1-1406
    Grantees and assignees have same rights against lessees as lessors
    § 55.1-1407
    Lessees have same rights against grantees as against lessors
    § 55.1-1408
    What powers to pass to grantee or devisee; when attornment unnecessary
    § 55.1-1409
    When attornment void
  • Article 3.
    Landlord Obligations
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  • § 55.1-1410
    Notice to terminate a tenancy in nonresidential rental property; notice of change in use of multifamily residential building
    § 55.1-1411
    Nonresidential buildings destroyed or lessee deprived of possession; covenant to pay rent or repair; reduction of rent
    § 55.1-1412
    Security systems for nonresidential rental property
  • Article 4.
    Landlord Remedies
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  • § 55.1-1413
    Effect of failure of tenant in nonresidential rental property to vacate premises at expiration of term
    § 55.1-1414
    Abandonment of nonresidential rental property
    § 55.1-1415
    Failure to pay certain rents after five days' notice forfeits right of possession
    § 55.1-1416
    Authority of sheriffs to store and sell personal property removed from nonresidential premises; recovery of possession by owner; disposition or sale
    § 55.1-1417
    Who may recover rent or possession