Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Church Property; Benevolent Associations and Objects
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 57-3
    Appropriation of glebe lands and church property
    § 57-4
    Donations to vestries for charitable purposes
    § 57-5
    R. E. Lee Camp; Pelham Chapel
    § 57-6
    Lee Memorial Association
    § 57-6.1
    Validity of literary, educational, and charitable gifts, grants, devises, or bequests
  • Article 2.
    Property Held for Religious Purposes
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  • § 57-7
    § 57-7.1
    What transfers for religious purposes valid
    § 57-8
    Appointment of trustees to effect the purposes of conveyances, etc.; validation of certain appointments
    § 57-9
    How property rights determined on division of church or society
    § 57-10
    How trustees to hold personal property
    § 57-11
    Suits by and against trustees
    § 57-12
    § 57-13
    Suits by members against trustees to compel proper application of property
    § 57-14
    Suits by members to have land sold or mortgaged
    § 57-15
    Proceedings by trustees or members for similar purposes, exception for certain transfers
    § 57-15.1
    Order may provide that fiscal officer may sign instrument without personal liability
    § 57-16
    Property held, etc., by ecclesiastical officers
    § 57-16.1
    Property of unincorporated church held by corporation
    § 57-17
    Conveyance of church land held in adverse possession
  • Article 3.
    Benevolent Associations and Objects
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  • § 57-18
    Conveyance for charitable purpose to unincorporated bodies, societies, groups, associations, or posts
    § 57-19
    Conveyances of land to benevolent and other associations to be subject to certain sections
    § 57-20
    Quantity of land benevolent and other associations may hold
    § 57-21
    May hold personal property through trustees