Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 57-22
    Conveyance of land to trustees or local governing body for cemetery use
    § 57-23
    Appointment, change or removal of trustees
    § 57-24
    Powers and duties of trustees
    § 57-24.1
    Trustee for purpose of suit
    § 57-25
    Condemnation of land for cemeteries
    § 57-26
    Restrictions as to location of cemeteries and as to quantity of land
    § 57-27
    City of Richmond may prohibit burials in certain cemeteries
    § 57-27.1
    Access to cemeteries located on private property; cause of action for injunctive relief; applicability
    § 57-27.2
    Correction of interment errors
    § 57-27.3
    Authorization for interment
  • Article 3.
    Disposition of Property for Maintenance and Care
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  • § 57-31
    May be in perpetuity
    § 57-32
    Who may hold such property
    § 57-33
    § 57-34
    Amount to defray original cost not limited
    § 57-35
    Trusteeship for administering funds for perpetual care
  • Article 3.2.
    Perpetual Care Funds, Preneed Burial Contracts and Consumer Protections
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  • § 57-35.11
  • Article 4.
    Abandoned or Previously Unidentified Cemeteries; Removal of Remains
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  • § 57-35.35:1
    § 57-35.36
    Cemeteries owned by localities; good faith effort required prior to interment
    § 57-35.37
    Sale of cemeteries owned by a locality; required notice to descendants of original owner
    § 57-36
    Abandoned or previously unidentified graveyards may be condemned; removal of bodies
    § 57-37
    Costs of suits, removal and reinterment; how surplus above costs disposed of
    § 57-38
    Exemption from §§ 57-36 and 57-37
    § 57-38.1
    Proceedings by landowner for removal of remains from previously unidentified or abandoned family graveyard
    § 57-38.2
    Proceedings by heir at law or descendant for removal of ancestor's remains from previously unidentified or abandoned family graveyard
    § 57-39
    Proceedings for removal of remains and sale of land vacated
    § 57-39.1
    Improvement of abandoned and neglected graveyards
    § 57-39.1:1
    Recovery of abandoned interment rights; procedure; rights of owner of record
  • Article 5.
    Acquisition of Abandoned Lots in Cities and Certain Towns
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  • § 57-39.2
    Reversion of unoccupied cemetery lots in cities and certain towns; rebuttable presumption
    § 57-39.3
    Proceedings; determination of abandonment
    § 57-39.4
    Notice to owner of record; publication
    § 57-39.5
    Judicial determination; conveyance of title
    § 57-39.6
    Sale of abandoned cemetery lot
    § 57-39.7
    Applicability; abandonment determination limited in certain circumstances