Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Personal Representatives and Administration of Estates
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  • Article 1.
    Appointment and Qualification
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  • § 64.2-500
    Grant of administration with the will annexed
    § 64.2-501
    Oath of executor or administrator with the will annexed
    § 64.2-502
    Grant of administration of intestate estate
    § 64.2-503
    Oath and bond of administrator of intestate estate
    § 64.2-504
    Bond of executor or administrator
    § 64.2-505
    When security not required
    § 64.2-506
    When letters of administration and order for obtaining probate in due form are required
    § 64.2-507
    Clerks to deliver statement of responsibilities
    § 64.2-508
    Written notice of probate, qualification, and entitlement to copies of inventories, accounts, and reports to be provided to certain parties
  • Article 3.
    Authority and General Duties
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  • § 64.2-511
    Powers of executor before qualification
    § 64.2-512
    Funeral expenses
    § 64.2-513
    Effect of death, resignation, or removal of sole executor
    § 64.2-514
    Duty of every personal representative
    § 64.2-515
    Duty of fiduciaries as to joint accounts
    § 64.2-516
    Duties of fiduciaries as to certain obligations of the United States
    § 64.2-517
    Exercise of discretionary powers by surviving executors or administrators with the will annexed
    § 64.2-518
    When personal representative may renew obligation of decedent
    § 64.2-519
    Suits upon judgment and contracts of decedent and actions for personal injury or wrongful death
    § 64.2-520
    Action for goods carried away, or for waste, destruction of, or damage to estate of decedent
    § 64.2-520.1
    Action for damages from legal malpractice concerning estate planning
    § 64.2-520.2
    Reliance on certificate of qualification of a personal representative
  • Article 4.
    Power with Respect to Real Estate
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  • § 64.2-521
    Personal representatives to sell real estate devised to be sold, and to receive certain rents
    § 64.2-522
    Personal representatives to pay over sale proceeds and rents to persons entitled
    § 64.2-523
    Personal representative may execute deed pursuant to written contract of decedent
    § 64.2-524
    Validation of certain conveyances by foreign executor
  • Article 5.
    Liability of Personal Estate to Debts
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  • § 64.2-525
    Debtor's appointment as executor
    § 64.2-526
    What personal estate to be sold; use of proceeds
    § 64.2-527
    Estate held for another's life; inclusion in personal estate
    § 64.2-528
    Order in which debts and demands of decedents to be paid
    § 64.2-529
    Creditors to be paid in order of their classification; class paid ratably; when representative not liable for paying debt
    § 64.2-530
    Lien acquired during lifetime of decedent not affected
    § 64.2-531
    Nonexoneration; payment of lien if granted by agent
  • Article 6.
    Liability of Real Estate to Debts
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  • § 64.2-532
    Real estate of decedent as assets for payment of debts
    § 64.2-533
    Administration of assets for payment of debts
    § 64.2-534
    Liability of heir or devisee for value of real estate sold and conveyed; validity of premature conveyances
    § 64.2-535
    When sale and conveyance within one year valid against creditors; proceeds paid to special commissioner; bond to obtain proceeds
    § 64.2-536
    Liability of heir or devisee; action by personal representative or creditor; recording notice of lis pendens; evidence
    § 64.2-537
    Action to enforce claim of less than $100; notice
    § 64.2-538
    Lien acquired during lifetime of decedent not affected
  • Article 7.
    Apportionment of Estate Taxes
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  • § 64.2-539
    § 64.2-540
    Apportionment required
    § 64.2-541
    Recovery by executor when part of estate not in his possession
    § 64.2-542
    Transfers not required until tax ascertained or security given
    § 64.2-543
    Contrary provisions of will or other instrument to govern
    § 64.2-544
    Construction of direction to pay all taxes imposed on account of testator's death
  • Article 8.
    Liability of Representatives; Administrators De Bonis Non
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  • § 64.2-545
    Transfer of assets to administrator de bonis non; administration of assets
    § 64.2-546
    Action against representative of executor for waste
    § 64.2-547
    Revival of judgment by administrator de bonis non
    § 64.2-548
    Action against surety of personal representative; procedure
    § 64.2-549
    Liability of personal representative or his surety
  • Article 9.
    Settlement of Accounts and Distribution
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  • § 64.2-550
    Proceedings for receiving proof of debts by commissioners of accounts
    § 64.2-551
    Account of debts by commissioners of accounts
    § 64.2-552
    How claims filed before commissioners of accounts; tolling of limitations period
    § 64.2-553
    When court to order payment of debts
    § 64.2-554
    When distribution may be required; refunding bond
    § 64.2-555
    When fiduciaries are protected by refunding bonds
    § 64.2-556
    Order to creditors to show cause against distribution of estate to legatees or distributees; liability of legatees or distributees to refund
    § 64.2-557
    Form for notice to show cause under § 64.2-556
    § 64.2-558
    Distribution to persons standing in loco parentis to certain beneficiaries