Code of Virginia

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Chapter 20.
Attachments and Bail in Civil Cases
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  • Article 1.
    Attachments Generally
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  • § 8.01-533
    Who may sue out attachment
    § 8.01-534
    Grounds of action for pretrial levy or seizure of attachment
    § 8.01-535
    Jurisdiction of attachments; trial or hearing of issues
    § 8.01-536
    Pleadings in attachment
    § 8.01-537
    Petition for attachment; costs, fees and taxes
    § 8.01-537.1
    Plaintiff to file bond
    § 8.01-538
    Attachment of ships, boats and other vessels of more than twenty tons
    § 8.01-539
    Who made defendants
    § 8.01-540
    Issuance of attachment; against what attachment to issue
    § 8.01-541
    To whom attachments directed; when and where returned
    § 8.01-542
    Issue and execution of attachment on any day
    § 8.01-543
    Issue of other attachments on original petition
    § 8.01-544
    When attachment not served other attachments may issue; order of publication
    § 8.01-545
    Amendments; formal defects
  • Article 3.
    Subsequent Proceedings Generally
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  • § 8.01-560
    How interest and profits of property applied in certain cases
    § 8.01-561
    How property to be kept; how sold, when expensive to keep or perishable
    § 8.01-562
    Examination on oath of codefendant; order and bond
    § 8.01-563
    Principal defendant may claim exemption
    § 8.01-564
    Procedure when codefendant fails to appear
    § 8.01-565
    Suggestion that codefendant has not made full disclosure
    § 8.01-566
    Who may make defense to attachment
    § 8.01-567
    What defense may be made to attachments
    § 8.01-568
    Quashing attachment or rendering judgment for defendant
    § 8.01-569
    When petition dismissed; when retained and cause tried
    § 8.01-570
    Judgment, etc., of court when claim of plaintiff established
    § 8.01-571
    When defendant not served fails to appear plaintiff required to give bond
    § 8.01-572
    Sale of real estate attached
    § 8.01-573
    How and when claims of other persons to property tried
    § 8.01-574
    Attachments in connection with pending suits or actions
    § 8.01-575
    Rehearing permitted when judgment rendered on publication
    § 8.01-576
    Order of court on rehearing or new trial; restitution to defendant