Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21.1.
Medical Malpractice
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  • Article 2.
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • § 8.01-581.13
    Civil immunity for certain health professionals and health profession students serving as members of certain entities
    § 8.01-581.14
    § 8.01-581.15
    Limitation on recovery in certain medical malpractice actions
    § 8.01-581.16
    Civil immunity for members of or consultants to certain boards or committees
    § 8.01-581.17
    Privileged communications of certain committees and entities
    § 8.01-581.18
    Delivery of results of laboratory tests and other examinations not authorized by physician
    § 8.01-581.18:1
    Immunity of physicians for laboratory results and examinations
    § 8.01-581.19
    Civil immunity for physicians, psychologists, podiatrists, optometrists, veterinarians, nursing home administrators, and certified emergency medical services providers while members of certain committees
    § 8.01-581.19:1
    Civil immunity for persons providing information to certain committees
    § 8.01-581.20
    Standard of care in proceeding before medical malpractice review panel; expert testimony; determination of standard in action for damages
    § 8.01-581.20:1
    Admissibility of expressions of sympathy