Code of Virginia

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Part 5.
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  • Article B.
    Default by Lessor
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  • § 8.2A-508
    Lessee's remedies
    § 8.2A-509
    Lessee's rights on improper delivery; rightful rejection
    § 8.2A-510
    Installment lease contracts; rejection and default
    § 8.2A-511
    Merchant lessee's duties as to rightfully rejected goods
    § 8.2A-512
    Lessee's duties as to rightfully rejected goods
    § 8.2A-513
    Cure by lessor of improper tender or delivery; replacement
    § 8.2A-514
    Waiver of lessee's objections
    § 8.2A-515
    Acceptance of goods
    § 8.2A-516
    Effect of acceptance of goods; notice of default; burden of establishing default after acceptance; notice of claim or litigation to person answerable
    § 8.2A-517
    Revocation of acceptance of goods
    § 8.2A-518
    Cover; substitute goods
    § 8.2A-519
    Lessee's damages for nondelivery, repudiation, default, and breach of warranty in regard to accepted goods
    § 8.2A-520
    Lessee's incidental and consequential damages
    § 8.2A-521
    Lessee's right to specific performance or other similar rights
    § 8.2A-522
    Lessee's right to goods on lessor's insolvency