Code of Virginia

Code of Virginia
Title 10.1. Conservation

Article 13. Foresters.

§ 10.1-1181.8. Definitions.

As used in this article, unless the context requires a different meaning:

"Forester" means any person who is engaged in the science, profession and practice of forestry and who possesses the qualifications required by this article.

"Forestry" means the science, art and practice of creating, managing, using and conserving forests and associated natural resources for human benefit and in a sustainable manner to meet desired goals, needs, and values.

2002, c. 447.

§ 10.1-1181.9. Requirements for forester title.

A. In order to use the title of forester in connection with any practice of forestry, the person shall (i) hold a baccalaureate or higher degree from a public or private institution of higher education, having completed a degree program that (a) is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (the Society) and (b) meets the minimum education criteria set forth by the Society in the fields of forest ecology and biology, management of forest resources, and forest resources policy and administration or (ii) have met the educational criteria for Certified Forester as reviewed and officially recognized in writing by the Society.

B. No person shall be appointed by the Governor to serve as State Forester unless he meets the requirements of clause (i) of subsection A.

2002, c. 447; 2019, c. 158.

§ 10.1-1181.10. Activities not prohibited.

The provisions of this article shall not prohibit:

1. Any person from performing forestry functions and services so long as he does not represent himself to the public as a forester;

2. An employee or subordinate of a forester from performing forestry functions and services; or

3. The practice of any profession or occupation that is regulated by a regulatory board within the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation or other state agency.

2002, c. 447.

§ 10.1-1181.11. Injunctive relief.

The Attorney General or any other person may apply to the circuit court in a jurisdiction where venue is proper for injunctive relief to restrain a person who has violated the provisions of this article.

2002, c. 447.

§ 10.1-1181.12. Exemption from article.

The provisions of this article shall not apply to any person who supplies the Department of Forestry with information or documentation showing that such person was actively engaged in the practice of forestry for a continuous period of at least ten years prior to July 1, 2002. The Department shall maintain and make available to the public a list of all persons who satisfy the requirements of this section.

2002, c. 447.

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