Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
Forest Resources and the Department of Forestry
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  • Article 2.
    Duties of the State Forester and General Provisions
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  • § 10.1-1104
    General powers and duties of State Forester
    § 10.1-1105
    Additional powers and duties of State Forester
    § 10.1-1105.1
    Century forest program
    § 10.1-1106
    State Forester to control forest reserves and funds; reforesting; preservation of timber, etc.
    § 10.1-1107
    Purchase of lands and acceptance of gifts for forestry purposes by the State Forester; management; definition of state forests
    § 10.1-1108
    Waste and unappropriated lands
    § 10.1-1109
    State forests not subject to warrant, survey or patent
    § 10.1-1110
    Violation of regulations for supervision of state forests, etc.
    § 10.1-1111
    Kindling fires on state forests; cutting and removing timber; damaging land or timber
    § 10.1-1112
    Notices relating to forest fires and trespasses
    § 10.1-1113
    Not liable for trespass in performance of duties
    § 10.1-1114
    Establishment of nurseries; distribution of seeds and seedlings
    § 10.1-1115
    Sale of trees
    § 10.1-1116
    Reforestation Operations Fund
    § 10.1-1117
    Specialized services or rentals of equipment to landowners, localities and state agencies; fees; disposition of proceeds
    § 10.1-1118
    Account of receipts and expenditures
    § 10.1-1119
    Preservation of evidence as to conserving forest supply; reports to General Assembly; publications
    § 10.1-1119.1
    State Forests System Fund established
  • Article 3.
    Forest Management of State-Owned Lands Fund
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  • § 10.1-1120
    Forest Management of State-Owned Lands Fund
    § 10.1-1121
    § 10.1-1122
    Management, harvesting, sale of timber on state-owned land
    § 10.1-1123
    Use of Fund; management, receipt and expenditure of moneys
  • Article 4.
    Forest Protection for Cities and Counties
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  • § 10.1-1124
    Counties and certain cities to pay annual sums for forest protection, etc.
    § 10.1-1125
    Application of Articles 4, 5 and 6 to cities; State Forester authorized to enter into contracts with cities
    § 10.1-1126
    State Forester authorized to enter into agreements with federal agencies
    § 10.1-1126.1
    Silvicultural practices; local government authority limited
    § 10.1-1127
    County and city levies and appropriations
    § 10.1-1127.1
    Tree conservation ordinance; civil penalties
    § 10.1-1128
    Acquisition and administration
    § 10.1-1129
    Purchasing real estate outside of boundaries
    § 10.1-1130
    State Forester to furnish seedlings and technical assistance
  • Article 6.
    Forest Wardens and Fires
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  • § 10.1-1134.1
    § 10.1-1135
    Appointment and compensation of forest wardens; oath; powers
    § 10.1-1136
    Duties of forest wardens
    § 10.1-1137
    Duty in case of fires and payment of costs of suppression
    § 10.1-1138
    Rewards for information leading to conviction of arsonists or incendiaries
    § 10.1-1139
    Who may be summoned to aid forest warden
    § 10.1-1140
    Liability of warden for trespass
    § 10.1-1140.1
    Defense of forest wardens
    § 10.1-1141
    Liability and recovery of cost of fighting forest fires by localities and the State Forester
    § 10.1-1142
    Regulating the burning of woods, brush, etc.; penalties
    § 10.1-1143
    Throwing inflammable objects from vehicle on highway while in or near certain lands
    § 10.1-1144
    Failure to clean premises of certain mills
    § 10.1-1145
    Failure to properly maintain logging equipment and railroad locomotives
    § 10.1-1146
    § 10.1-1147
    Removal of inflammable material from lands adjoining right-of-way by railroads
    § 10.1-1148
    Fires caused by violation of provisions of article; liability to Commonwealth
    § 10.1-1149
    Southeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact
    § 10.1-1150
    Middle Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact
  • Article 8.
    Fire Hazards and Closing of Hunting and Fishing Seasons in Forestlands
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  • § 10.1-1158
    Prohibition of all open burning where serious fire hazards exist; penalty
    § 10.1-1159
    Upon proclamation of Governor certain acts made unlawful where extraordinary fire hazards exist; closing of hunting and fishing seasons
    § 10.1-1160
    Effect of proclamation on hunting season
    § 10.1-1161
    Notice of issuance, amendment or rescission of proclamation
  • Article 9.
    Seed Trees
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  • § 10.1-1162
    § 10.1-1163
    Exemptions from article
    § 10.1-1164
    Pine trees to be left uncut for reseeding purposes
    § 10.1-1165
    When trees left for reseeding purposes may be cut
    § 10.1-1166
    Posting or publication of notices
    § 10.1-1167
    Penalty for violation of article
    § 10.1-1168
    Procedure to ensure proper planting after conviction; cash deposit or bond; inspection or planting by State Forester
    § 10.1-1169
    Liability for failure to carry out planting, cutting or management plan; reforestation of area by State Forester